Act now� CANCEL Rent for Small Businesses in Alberta

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Help the Self Employed �

Government announced support for employees to get paid when they are quartine in their houses. Self Employed and small business ownerswho are struggling to make ends meet have not got any confirmation of such help from our government.Small businesses are building blocks of any community.Small companies cannot afford to stay open with their high running cost of commercial rent , utilities. This can lead to closing the business for good. If the employee are getting covered, so should the small business owners.

Small Business owners dont have lot of money to keep up like bigger companies example- Tim Hortons or mc Donald's. We struggle to first pay our employees and then us. Prime minister announced they will give us more loan to help.But we as  self employed we are not looking for more loans to get ourselves more in debt! We also want  a break just like everyone else and takecare of our families health and not worry about money or closing doors of our business. 

If you are a small  business owner,please sign thispetition for -

1) Temporary suspending BusinessTax and Payments.

2)Suspend commercial RENT and UTILITIES just like other countries have done.

Thanking you �