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Access to Ketamine Infusions in Canada for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome formally known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a rare condition caused by nerve trauma (some instances for no reason at all). The symptoms of CRPS vary from patient to patient but what is common among all is a burning pain that never stops. It feels as though you have been lit on fire inside and out, and yet at the same time it feels like you are being burned by ice. CRPS affects many systems in the body, autonomic, sympathetic, immune and many more. The most common symptoms include changes in skin texture, abnormal sweating, changes in nail and hair growth, bone density, atrophy, stiffened joints, decreased movement of affected limb, tremors, spasms, memory loss, depression, anxiety, dystonia and so many more. There are many treatments and some work for people but that doesn't mean it works for everyone. CRPS affects 3% of the population more often in women. I personally have had many different treatments all of which have failed. The only hope for me to not live in 10/10 pain everyday, every second for the rest of my life is ketamine infusions. It is a controversial treatment because its primary use is horse tranquilizer. Ketamine infused in low doses has been shown to help dramatically people with CRPS often lessening their pain for 12-15 weeks at a time. Canada used to pay for the treatment if you were able to fly to Florida, and then Ontario government ripped that hope away. Please sign this petition to bring back ketamine infusions in Canada. Although we are a minority of the population, if suicide isn't the answer, we are forced to live in excruciating pain for the rest of our lives. CRPS progresses over time and has a chance to takeover the entire body. WE MAY BE A MINORITY IN THE HEALTH SYSTEM, BUT ID LIKE TO THINK I MATTER TO!

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