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The barbaric besiege on the City of Derna began in 2015 as a way of forcing Derna to surrender to Haftar and his barbaric regional and tribal militias calling themselves the "Libyan National Army". For 3 years, no gasoline, medication, food or other types of aid was able to reach those in the city. 

In June 2018, the militias declared war on Derna and have killed over one thousand civilians, displaced over 2500 families and imprisoned over 4000 individuals including elder women, and children where there have been reports of torturing prisoners to death, tying them up, pulling their hair and hitting them with PPR pipes until they lose consciousness.

#Derna is currently being ethnically cleansed by warlord Khalifa #Haftar with the help of tribal militias, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, France and Saudi Madkhalis (who are mainly responsible for torturing prisoners in Gernada prison located near Al-Bayda in eastern Libya...

Egyptian and UAE forces have boots on the ground and the UAE owns an airbase in Alkharouba, east of Libya.

There is between 150-200 individuals who are currently trapped in Derna's old city and are being starved to death and are under heavy bombardments by the #UAE #France and #Egypt's war machines. Over 90+ injured and corpses lying around waiting to be buried...Those who lost their lives to starvation account for over 5 individuals including women and children.

Those among the besieged are members of Derna's Protection Force and are not affiliated with any terrorist organization, despite being portrayed in the media as terrorists. There was no coverage from their side whatsoever and no one would bother hearing about what they have to say. They fought Isis in 2015 and kicked them out of the city. #Haftar has provided Isis with a safe passage all the way to Sirte, which was under Isis control at the time. They simply resisted to be under the control of warlord Khalifa #Haftar's militias and are fighting to protect the city of Derna from destruction.

Those besieged have repeatedly requested a safe exit out of the city but Haftar and his militias have refused and want them to surrender. Therefore, we are requesting for your assistance in calling for an immediate intervention by the International Community to end the suffering of those trapped in the Old city of #Derna.

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