A Canada wide ban on Circumcision for Infants

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Male genitalia and Female genital mutatlation are terrible and unforgivable things, but only the genital mutilation of males is joked about and is a common occurrence right near the time of birth in Canada, and many developed countries. This mutalation of the genitals causes massive loss in nerve functions and increase stress of the newborn, further down the road erectile dysfunction due to the desensitization of nerve endings.

Many men are often discriminated against because they have not had a circumcision, now with body positivity movements becoming what they are it is time to stop. 

The end of this barbaric practice In Canada is imprudent as it stands to show the entire world the future were no genitals are ruined as a result of a botched surgery. Bringing a end to Circumcision in Canada will make the sexs more equal bringing the law together to not discriminate against males.