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A call for immediate humanitarian action to help refugees fleeing war, famine and oppression

News of  people drowning, suffocating and being forced to live in squalid conditions in Calais has shocked many Swindon residents.

Motivated by the belief that no human deserves to live or die in these conditions, and that refugees are welcome in the UK, Swindon People’s Assembly and Swindon Anarchists are joining thousands of others across the UK to take action.

This is not charity, but solidarity; reaching across the border to offer our fellow human beings support in the middle of a traumatic and dehumanising experience.

Motivated by poverty, war and oppression in their home countries, more and more people are risking and often losing their lives to seek safety in Europe. While they are hoping for safety and the chance to build a life free from fear and poverty, they are finding European governments responding not with compassion, but with higher and higher fences and ever more elaborate schemes to exclude refugees.

This policy has resulted in a crisis in Calais. Thousands of men, woman and children who are only asking for the chance to build a life free from fear and hunger are living in inhumane conditions with inadequate access to food, medicine and shelter.

We welcome refugees. When a tiny minority at the top of society controls so much land, money and resources, we refuse to expend any anger on someone who is simply seeking a better life, or believe that they are the cause of declining living standards for working class people in this country.

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