BRING BACK DISABLED PARKING! Access is a right, not a privilege.

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Many disabled parking bays are currently temporarily blocked or even permanently eliminated in many places such as towns, cities, and retail parks. This has happened without replacing them or making reasonable adjustments, all because of new social distancing measures. It has had a detrimental impact on my mental and physical health. 

We want the Government to ensure councils enforce that current disabled bays are not blocked off, and if there is no other choice due to new social distancing rules, the correct equivalent disabled bays are properly replaced. The bays are wide enough so that wheelchairs can fit around the side and back of the car safely for transfers. They are also close to the shop to minimise walking distance for pain, fatigue and other safety issues. Many wheelchair users cannot go out without these vital disabled parking spaces, because they cannot transfer out of their vehichle or they wouldn't be able to walk the distance to the shop. By taking away these bays you are discriminating 14 million disabled people in the UK and pushing us out of society. This is an u lawful under the equality act