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Bullying getting worse?

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Bullying seems to be getting worse, and we have to do something about it.

Bullying has been a problem since the 1900s, and it seems to be getting worse. Children and adults are now being harassed and abused, against their will, and Canada needs to take it more seriously. 

Canada has the 9th highest rate of bullying in the 13 years old category on a scale of 35 countries. Not impressive. People can be bullied physically, verbally, or even on the internet. 47% of parents have reported of their child being a victim of bullying across the world. The province we really need to work on is British Columbia. Bullying has been happening for months at the least. 

You might be wondering, why are you focusing on Canada? Bullying is a worldwide issue. 

The reason is because I am a Canadian. My siblings, friends, and family, have all dealt with bullying, so have I. It has gotten so bad to my friend being harassed. Canada doesn't seem serious about it. Canada seems more focused about legalizing marijuana, bringing in Syrian refugees, etc. This is a issue that has been affecting Canada for a long time. If we can make a difference and stop it, then the rest of the world will be able to as well.

What can Canada do??

How can Canada get more serious about bullying? Canada can get police involved more. Canadian kids should be taught about bullying and that they should tell adults. Justin Trudeau can try to get more serious, it is a big issue, I am pretty sure Prime minister Trudeau has gotten bullied(probably not, his dad was the P.M)

Why do kids get bullied?

Why would kids get bullied? A big question to ask. First of all, let's start off with why do bullies bully. People bully other people either because it is a way to take their anger out, or because they are jealous of that person. You can become a victim without knowing it.  Bullies also feel good about themselves once they bully you. They expect you to be scared and insecure.

What can you do if you get bullied?

If you get bullied, you can potentially get mad at yourself. You can feel depressed, because the bully has threatened you. You have to not let them get to you. You need to act strong, and ignore then. If it gets worse, try to use your words and simply say stop. If it gets even worse, go to a teacher and tell them. Or stand beside a teacher, they bully will most likely not do anything since there is an adult near by. You need to go home and tell your parents, they will help. Don'y keep it inside of you, it can get worse. 

What could you do as a parent?

Once your child/children come home, ask them about school, and if anyone was bothering them, they would most likely tell you, and they will feel like you care. Carefully and regularly ask them about if they are getting bullied, without just bringing it up, they will feel more safe. Never approach the bully's parents. It is the school or the police's job. Even going on their property is trespassing, and you could be arrested, so I would suggest to be on the safe side. You should find out where, when, how, etc. and record it. You should then make an appointment with the principle face to face and talk about the situation.If the harassment continues, document it and file a Notice of Harassment. You may need to move up the chain of command, contacting the superintendent of schools, board of education, or possibly even state and federal authorities.If your child has been threatened contact law enforcement immediately.If your child has been cyberbullied, check the school’s anti-bullying policy as well as your state anti-bullying legislation to see if cyberbulling is covered under the aegis of the school. If it is, report that to the school as well. Absolutely report it to the police, as well as the ISP provider, the social media web site, wherever it is taking place.
If the bullying does not stop you should file charges with the school board and law enforcement if appropriate.


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