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Justin Stroedeke, a Corrections Officer who shot/killed Sassy Squarehead: Have Stroedeke discharged from his job for killing Sassy/abusing his power

On 1/10/13, I found my dog dead on the side of the road, in the empty field next to Stroedecke's residence. His explanation was "Your dog attacked me and my son" yet only I find out later that his dog was allegedly there at the time, not to mention his son was nowhere to be found. He said it took 4 gunshots to get Sassy down and he kicked her before shooting but there was no signs of injury other than the TWO gunshot wounds. Also, on the police report he said he was bitten, yet there was NO signs of injury on him or his alleged son. Sassy was a loving, cuddly family pet who was 7 and had Hip Displaysia and was also a showdog for most of her life. His actions don't add up and cannot be justified. THIS IS HAPPENING ACROSS THE COUNTRY, THIS NEEDS TO STOP! HARMLESS FAMILY PETS SHOULD NOT BE TARGET PRACTICE! HE SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO ABUSE HIS POWER AS PART OF THE FDOC! PLEASE HELP PUT AN END TO THIS!

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  • Justin Stroedecke, a Corrections Officer who shot/killed Sassy Squarehead

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