2019 Naming Proposition: "2009 Teens: This one's for you"

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As you know, we are coming to the end of a streak of year names that end with the word "teen." We have had a fun couple years in these 2010s of ours, filled with laughter and brilliant wordplay, but as that is coming to a close we need to get more serious. After 2019, the window for teen-themed year names will be closed for another ninety-six years. 

Additionally, the teens of today and the late two thousands have been sorely underrepresented in modern media. As of this writing, most teens in film and television have either been from earlier decades, a dystopian future, or are extraterrestrial beings that haven't aged since the forties, as is the case with Archie and his friends.

While appealing to the core themes of adolescence, none of these periods truly reflect how truly unique it is to have grown up in the past decade, and as this teen fears, may leave tomorrow's adults feeling like their youth wasn't worth anything. While it may not leave them feeling empowered, dedicating the last teen-based year to the teens of today and yesterday will at the very least leave them feeling like they aren't worth nothing.

These reasons combined are why I propose, for this year of Collaborate-teen (stronger together), we join our voices as one to make sure that the brothers in charge don't miss out on this very good pun. Time is running out. The teens are losing hope. But the year is still young.

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