Greens MP Justin Field: withdraw from launching Hamilton's Silent Invasion

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We the undersigned are alarmed by indications that Greens MP Justin Field and former Greens leaders Christine Milne appear to be endorsing Clive Hamilton’s book, Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia. We ask that Greens MP Justin Field not attend the launch of Silent Invasion.

Greens MP David Shoebridge after consultation with Greens members of Chinese heritage has declined the invitation to attend the Launch of Silent Invasion. We thank David Shoebridge for listening to Greens members and we believe his decision was entirely correct.

Hamilton, and Silent Invasion, go far beyond legitimate criticism of China’s foreign relations. Tim Soutphommasane, the Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner has described the book as using ‘language (which) flirts with exciting an anti-Chinese or Sinophobic racial sentiment. It recalls old fears about yellow hordes overwhelming a vulnerable white Australia. It all smacks of The Yellow Peril revisited’. Hamilton calls for surveillance and immigration restrictions targeted specifically at Chinese, and for restricting residency to those engaged in a widely defined 'patriotic agitation'.

We believe that Silent Invasion contributes to a disturbing narrative of China as a rival or enemy. This view increases the risk of Australia being drawn into a US-China regional cold war, and along with it, a commitment to increased military expenditure and further integration into US military operations aimed at containing China. This hawkish stance is counter to the Greens' principled stance of peace and non-violence.

We call upon the Greens, and its parliamentarians and representatives to desist from endorsing Silent Invasion and attending the launch. We implore Greens MP Justin Field to not assist in the launch of the book, as he apparently has committed to do.