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Real Beliebers to stand at Justin Biebers Concert

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I recently went to a Justin Bieber concert in Dublin 21/6/17 in the RDS and i've been hearing from other Beliebers what has happened and it's upset me, while I was at the concert i noticed that "fans" were just standing there recording and not even singing.. a lot of "fans" came just before Justin came on! The fact that some Beliebers how proof of this is a disgrace, a lot of Beliebers are upset over the fact that there was people surrounding them and just standing there as if "wow this is boring, i don't wanna be here" i had a lot of those surrounding me.  I'm starting this Petition because myself and a couple of other beliebers came up with an idea that the real Beliebers should be allowed to stand at Justin's concerts while the "fans" are seated. This is only fair also we came up with an idea with 10 questions to be answered and if you got most of them right you would be allowed to stand. So please sign this petition if you think i'm right also if you'd like to be informed about the everything please feel free to DM me before, I'm not here to judge anybody but if you're a real belieber you will understand. I'm just here trying to stop the fake fans from ruining the atmosphere and getting them to try and enjoy the concerts!  So can all the real Beliebers please stand up & sign this petiton. Thank You. 

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