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Be Ethical ! Send Mally the Monkey to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

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1) "No primate species should ever be kept as a pet. They have very special needs. These are highly social animals. They need to be kept with others of their own kind; that's just critical to their psychological well-being. Yet breeders in the U.S. sell monkeys as pets....There are numerous problems with the pet monkey trade. For one thing, the breeders will pull newborn monkeys from their moms when the [baby is] just a few days old. So then the animals are bottle-fed and hand-reared by people. They never learn to become a capuchin or a chimp or a macaque; they don't have the opportunity to learn appropriate behavior from their mother and others in their group ( Silver, National Geo, April 2013)."

2) Justin Bieber's monkey, Mally has been confiscated by the Munich Airport's custom officials due to lack of documentation and protocal by Bierber....Mally is still in quarantine in Germany. Mr. Bieber must prove that Mally was born in the US and pay a fine. The  airport shelter Vet  Kurt Grabenwoeger states

'They are living creatures - not celebrity accessories like a handbag. Imagine a human baby sent off on a world tour at 10 weeks - would anyone allow that?'

Mr Grabenwoeger's warnings were echoed by the head of the animal quarantine station in Germany where Justin Bieber's baby monkey Mally is quarantined who said that he seemed nervous and confused at being in a cell - and had refused to eat at first
Grabenwoeger said it was 'monstrous' that the pop star had brought Capuchin Mally with him on a flight from Los Angeles to Germany when it should still be bonding with its mother " ( Daily Mail, UK, April 2, 2013). 

Mally was stolen from his monkey mother at 9 weeks old and he has been traveling with Mr. Bieber for over a month, Mally is now 14 weeks old, this monkey needs to be with other monkeys! not forced into the artificial world of humans to go psychologically insane

3) Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is located in the beautiful inclement weather state of Florida, in the USA..... It is not a zoo which trading and selling and buying animals and monkeys is the norm....It is a safe haven for monkeys who have been forced from the wild into human captivity ( you can take the monkey out of the wild BUT never the WILD out of the monkey , even captive born ones)..... It is a forever home not for profit.......They have over 100 capuchins at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary and a monkey named Monkers who has accepted and raised 4 other baby monkeys, she would even carry them on her back, and she would do the same for this little baby. Please help get Mally to Jungle Friends where he will be safe and live a 'monkey life'! _

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