Justin Bieber Meet Haley Neel

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  I own every single one of Justin Bieber' CD's, I own his movies Never Say Never and Believe, I own 6 t shirts, I own all of his perfumes, I own every book he has released, and I own 2 scrapbooks of him I made myself. I never missed a concert when Justin came to Tulsa Oklahoma. I went to the My World concert in 2009, then the My World 2.0 in 2010, then the Believe concert in 2012, then the Purpose concert in 2016. In total I seen Justin 4 times. 

I have my very own twitter and Facebook account dedicated to trying to meet him.

However, the reason I want to meet Justin isn't cuz of all of the stuff I own or how much of the stuff I've made for him. Its cuz Justin was there for me when nobody else was.

At 8 year's old I had my first seizure at school. After my seizure I spent the night in the hospital with IV's and machine's hooked up to me so the doctors could find out why I had a seizure. When they found out they diagnosed me with Epilepsy which I inherited from my mom's side of the family cuz my uncle named Richard had it before he died from a seizure not too long ago.

After I got diagnosed I got pulled out of school for 4 months. While I was out I had multiple seizures cuz the doctor's had a hard time finding medication for me. Eventually the doctors got the right medication but even though the medication was working I still had seizure's however the seizures slowed down to once a week and didn't last as long as the others which is good cuz I had more than 1 seizure every week and they lasted to about 3 - 5 minutes before I got put on medication.

After I got my seizures under control it was time to go back to school. When I was 7 I started getting called names such as Dork, ugly,shrek,fatty,emo,and freak. I thought that when I returned from being gone for 4 months it would of stop but it got worse after that. The name calling got worse. I only had 2 friends and I was scared to tell them I got bullied and had epilepsy so I kept it a secret. Although the secret came out to one of my friends named Devin in the 5th grade.

Devin stood by me and if anything it brought us closer. Unfortunately in the 6th grade Devin moved. After Devin moved I finally told my other friend named Dallas that I was getting bullied and had epilepsy. She didnt take it as well. Dallas stopped hanging out with me and became one of my bullies.

After Dallas started bullying me along with the other kids that's when the bullying became physicall. I started getting tripped,pushed,and slapped in the back of the head. Not only was I having a hard time managing my epilepsy and school (I was I.E.P in school) but I also had to deal with being mentally and physically bullied.

I ended up falling into a depression which started to make me skip school every week. I went from going 5 days a week to 1 day a week and my grades went from A's to F's.

A place called Park side called my parents and threatened to put me in there.

Parkside is for students who refuse to go to school. Parkside rips them away from their parents and makes us live there everyday with no visits from family.

Losing my family is one thing I refused to let happen so I forced myself to go back to school. Later on in the school year Justin Bieber came.

The very first time I seen Justin I felt that there was something special about him. I felt that he would mean more to me somehow. Strangely I was right. When Justin became famous he taught me to defend myself towards the bullies and to tell my family I was getting bullied. Once I defended myself the bullying stopped. 

Thanks to Justin I not only survived bullying but I also got pulled out of depression. However the bullying did effect me. II developed anxiety when I was a teenager. The only thing that stops it is Justin's music. My favorite song by him is Purpose because it describes how much he means to me and how I feel towards him. 

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