Justicia para Breonna Taylor/Justice for Breonna Taylor

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Juliana Brooks
May 8, 2021
This is fucking messed up. This is my people. We need justice.

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Regina Zamora
Apr 25, 2021
Arrest police officers

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Anita Kanitz
Apr 14, 2021
“A small change can make a big difference. You are the only one who can make our world a better place to inhabit. So, don’t be afraid to take a stand .”

― Ankita Singhal

“Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Especially in countries with Hindu religions and Islam and worldwide are very often particularly brutal action against female children, girls and women. They are treated as dirty, impure, worthless and atrocities such as FGM, child marriages, sex slavery,forced prostitution, dowry deaths, honor killings, forced marriages, stoning for alleged offenses against male domination, gang rapes, mass rapes are the rule.
Substance, It is the fact that women's sexuality needs to be reduced. It has been scientifically proven for a long time and has also been reported by many human rights organizations that the female vaginal orgasm and the alleged impulsiveness of women are just an excuse for violations of human rights for women. This includes sadistic pornography and forced prostitution. The sexual enslavement of women is fact, since there are people. It is also known from time immemorial that women are not sexually satisfied during sexual intercourse because they bear children and their internal sex organs have little feelings. This has never been interested men worldwide and still they insinuate women, girls and female children impulsiveness. The opposite is the case, women, girls and female children worldwide are living in fear of sexual torture, mutilation and rape. This has to stop at last! We are in the 21st century and not in the Middle Ages, where 6 million women, girls and children have been raped because of sexual perversions as witches, tortured and burned alive.
If we do not have the courage to change the world, then nothing will change. And this appeal is aimed primarily at women, girls and female children. Without us, it does not work, so we can also provide conditions because men get now times no children, they would not even survive the pain. That is why we are the future of mankind and must be treated with respect!

Vor allem in Ländern mit den Religionen Hindu und Islam und auch weltweit wird besonders brutal gegen weibliche Kinder, Mädchen und Frauen vorgegangen. Sie werden als schmutzig, unrein, wertlos behandelt und Gräueltaten wie FGM, Kinderheiraten, Zwangsprostitution, Sexsklaverei, Mitgiftmorde, Ehrenmorde, Zwangsheiraten, Steinigungen wegen angeblicher Vergehen gegen die Männerherrschaft, Gruppenvergewaltigungen, Massenvergewaltigungen sind die Regel.
Begründet wird es damit, dass die weibliche Sexualität reduziert werden muss. Dabei ist wissenschaftlich schon lange erwiesen und auch von vielen Menschenrechtsorganisationen berichtet worden, dass der weibliche vaginale Orgasmus und die angebliche Triebhaftigkeit von Frauen nur ein Vorwand für Menschenrechtsverletzungen für Frauen sind. Dazu gehören auch sadistische Pornografie und Zwangsprostitution. Die sexuelle Versklavung der Frau exisitert, seit es Menschen gibt. Es ist auch seit Menschengedenken bekannt, dass Frauen sexuell beim Geschlechtsverkehr nicht befriedigt werden, weil sie Kinder gebären und ihre inneren Geschlechtsorgane wenig Gefühle haben. Das hat Männer weltweit nie interessiert und immer noch unterstellen sie Frauen, Mädchen und weiblichen Kindern Triebhaftigkeit. Das Gegenteil ist der Fall, Frauen, Mädchen und weibliche Kinder leben weltweit in Angst vor sexueller Folter, Verstümmelung und Vergewaltigung. Das muss endlich aufhören! Wir sind im 21. Jahrhundert und nicht im Mittelalter, wo 6 Millionen Frauen, Mädchen und Kinder aufgrund sexueller Perversionen als Hexen vergewaltigt, gefoltert und lebendig verbrannt wurden.
Wenn wir nicht den Mut haben, die Welt zu ändern, dann wird sich nichts ändern. Und dieser Appell richtet sich vor allem an Frauen, Mädchen und weibliche Kinder. Ohne uns geht es nicht, also können wir auch Bedingungen stellen, denn Männer bekommen nun mal keine Kinder, sie würden die Schmerzen nicht mal überleben. Deswegen sind wir die Zukunft der Menschheit und müssen mit Respekt behandelt werden!

books about.:

Sexual Enslavement of Girls and Women Worldwide /Andrea Parrot (Autor)
They are in different countries but share the same hell. Maria is one of 14 women lured from Mexico to Seattle, Washington, with the promise of a job, then held by force in a brothel and required to sexually service men 12 hours a day. Anna is a young mother from the Ukraine who left her husband and children there to take a job as a housecleaner in Italy, where she was put in a barred, guarded house and forced into prostitution. Nadia is an 11-year-old girl in Africa, kidnapped and forced to have sex with a militiaman daily, with a machete ever ready nearby should she refuse. All three women are part of horrific sex slavery that has drawn the attention of officials in countries around the globe. It is not rare; officials say it is increasing, at least partly due to the billions of dollars it brings in for organized crime. The U.S. State Department estimates 800,000 victims, mostly women and children, are trafficked for sex trade across nations each year and millions more are trafficked within countries - including the U.S., Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands. As a Seattle Times reporter explained when Maria's case hit the news there, the reality is that sex slaves for the most part are young women and teenaged girls who come from "almost every one of the world's poorer countries and end up in almost every country where there is a combination of sexual demand and money." But they are also in undeveloped Africa, in prisons internationally, locked in forced marriages, or sold to men by parents.

The Lost Girls: The True Story of the Cleveland Abductions and the Incredible Rescue of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus /John Glatt (Autor)
The Lost Girls tells the truly amazing story of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who were kidnapped, imprisoned, and repeatedly raped and beaten in a Cleveland house for over a decade by Ariel Castro, and their amazing escape in May 2013, which made headlines all over the world. The book has an exclusive interview and photographs of Ariel Castro's secret fiancé, who spent many romantic nights in his house of horror, without realizing he had bound and chained captives just a few feet away. There are also revealing interviews with several Castro family members, musician friends and several neighbors who witnessed the dramatic rescue.

Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery/Siddharth Kara (Autor)
Every year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are abducted, deceived, seduced, or sold into forced prostitution. These trafficked sex slaves form the backbone of one of the world’s most profitable illicit enterprises and generate huge profits for their exploiters, for unlike narcotics, which must be grown, harvested, refined, and packaged, sex slaves require no such “processing,” and can be repeatedly “consumed.”
In this book, Kara provides a riveting account of his four-continent journey into this unconscionable industry, sharing the moving stories of its victims and revealing the shocking conditions of their exploitation. He draws on his background in finance, economics, and law to provide the first ever business analysis of contemporary slavery worldwide, focusing on its most profitable and barbaric form: sex trafficking. Kara describes the local factors and global economic forces that gave rise to this and other forms of modern slavery over the past two decades and quantifies, for the first time, the size, growth, and profitability of each industry. Finally, he identifies the sectors of the sex trafficking industry that would be hardest hit by specifically designed interventions and recommends the specific legal, tactical, and policy measures that would target these vulnerable sectors and help to abolish this form of slavery, once and for all.

Burned Alive/Souad (Autor)
When Souad was seventeen she fell in love. In her village, as in so many others, sex before marriage was considered a grave dishonour to one's family and was punishable by death. This was her crime. Her brother-in-law was given the task of arranging her punishment. One morning while Souad was washing the family's clothes, he crept up on her, poured petrol over her and set her alight.
In the eyes of their community he was a hero. An execution for a 'crime of honour' was a respectable duty unlikely to bring about condemnation from others. It certainly would not have provoked calls for his prosecution. More than five thousand cases of such honour killings are reported around the world each year and many more take place that we hear nothing about.
Miraculously, Souad survived rescued by the women of her village, who put out the flames and took her to a local hospital. Horrifically burned, and abandoned by her family and community, it was only the intervention of a European aid worker that enabled Souad to receive the care and sanctuary she so desperately needed and to start her life again. She has now decided to tell her story and uncover the barbarity of honour killings, a practice which continues to this day.
Burned Alive is a shocking testimony, a true story of almost unbelievable cruelty. It speaks of amazing courage and fortitude and of one woman's determination to survive. It is also a call to break the taboo of silence that surrounds this most brutal of practices and which ignores the plight of so many other women who are also victims of traditional violence.

Survivor: From childhood abuse to a life of crime and prostitution/Tara O’Shaughnessey (Autor)
Tara grew up in squalor on the island of Alderney. When she was only four, she was sexually abused by one of her mother’s many lovers, a horror that continued for five long years. As a teenager, desperate to escape the toxic environment at home, she fled to London – but was swiftly drawn into working as a prostitute. She became involved with some of London’s most notorious gangsters – even marrying one – but when she realised the danger she was inflicting on her children, she knew she had to find a way to get out.
This is the inspiring story of one woman’s will to survive, and to fight for a better life.

Daughters of Shame /Jasvinder Sanghera (Autor)
The woman who has done more than anyone to expose the plight of women in forced marriages tells their harrowing and moving stories. 'I listen to those stories – told by women who have been drugged, beaten, imprisoned, raped and terrorised within the walls of the homes they grew up in. I listen and I am humbled by their resilience.' Jasvinder Sanghera knows what it means to flee from your family under threat of forced marriage – and to face the terrible consequences that follow. As a young girl that was just what she had to do. Jasvinder is now at the frontline of the battle to save women from the honour-based violence and threat of forced marriage that destroyed her own youth. DAUGHTERS OF SHAME reveals the stories of young women such as Shazia, kidnapped and taken to Pakistan to marry a man she had never met; and Banaz, murdered by her own family after escaping an abusive marriage. By turns frightening, enthralling and uplifting, DAUGHTERS OF SHAME reveals Jasvinder as a woman heedless of her own personal safety as she fights to help these women, in a world where the suffering and abuse of many is challenged by the courage of the few.

Female Circumcision/ Philip Walters (Autor)
This book sheds more light on the painful situation undergone by many women in countries were female circumcision is still practiced. You will experience the pain and suffering of these women and also understand why advocates need to advocate concerning this pressing issue in the lives of millions of women, who simply have to go along with this kind of practice. The book explains the different sorts of excisions, from mild cutting of the female sexual organ to complete cutting of the clitoris and even other parts.

Plight of Ethiopian Girls / Amen Gabre (Autor)
This is a thoughtful and informative book by a brave and articulate young writer. We should all be inspired by her will to improve the lives of girls and women in her own home country and worldwide.
Every girl and woman has the right to be protected from female genital mutilation (FGM), a manifestation of entrenched gender inequality with devastating consequences. FGM is a violation of human rights and has been prohibited in Ethiopia’s criminal code since 2004. FGM is now firmly on the global development agenda, most prominently through its inclusion in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 5.3, which aims to eliminate the practice by 2030.
In eastern Africa, NGOs are beginning to reverse public opinion on a bloody ritual. Female genital mutilation (FGM), a practice involving the non-medical removal of external female genitalia, is a procedure that roughly 200 million women have undergone worldwide. While the cultural premise for FGM varies depending on the region, the practice stems from broader themes of repressing the female sexuality prevalent in eastern African society. Women experience female genital mutilation in Ethiopia for marital or religious reasons, and the societal precedent for FGM threatens young women with public shame and ostracization if they refuse the operation.
One organization, however, is having a profound effect on reversing the prevalence of FGM in Ethiopia. Kembatti Mentti Gezimma-Tope (KMG), is an Ethiopian NGO dedicated to raising public awareness on the harmful effects of female genital mutilation in the region of Kembatta Tembaro. One can translate KMG’s name to “Kembatta Women Standing Together,” and in the 22 years since it began its work, it has reduced public approval of FGM in Kembatta Tembaro from 97% in 1997 to less than 5% today.
KMG employs several strategies to combat public support for FGM, including public education campaigns to uphold women’s human rights and build trust with local communities. It also mobilizes public pressure against FGM, with public weddings for uncircumcised women (who traditionally others would consider ineligible for marriage). Additionally, trained advocates spread throughout the region who inform men of the health risks FGM poses to women and their ability to give birth.

Crime Against Women: The Rise Of Female Feticide, Dowry Deaths And Female Oriented Crimes In The East /Dueep Jyot Singh (Autor, Illustrator)
This is a hard hitting book about crime against women and children, related to crimes based on child abuse, honor killings, domestic violence and rape.
This book is not for the fainthearted. If you start to read it, you may want to close it often, saying to yourself this is not true. But that is the attitude we have been taking all over the world for centuries. And that is why we allow women and children oriented crime to flourish, undetected and unpunished. That is because we definitely do not want to face reality.
Every personal and researched story I recount here is true. and based on fact.
This book is not restricted to just crimes against women, it is also going to talk about crimes against children and the reasons why these crimes happen.
You can use this book for research purposes, because the statistics given here are authentic.

Crimes Unspoken: The Rape of German Women at the End of the Second World War / Miriam Gebhardt (Autor),
The soldiers who occupied Germany after the Second World War were not only liberators: they also brought with them a new threat, as women throughout the country became victims of sexual violence. In this disturbing and carefully researched book, the historian Miriam Gebhardt reveals for the first time the scale of this human tragedy, which continued long after the hostilities had ended.
Discussion in recent years of the rape of German women committed at the end of the war has focused almost exclusively on the crimes committed by Soviet soldiers, but Gebhardt shows that this picture is misleading. Crimes were committed as much by the Western Allies; American, French and British – as by the members of the Red Army. Nor was the suffering limited to the immediate aftermath of the war. Gebhardt powerfully recounts how raped women continued to be the victims of doctors, who arbitrarily granted or refused abortions, welfare workers, who put pregnant women in homes, and wider society, which even today prefers to ignore these crimes.
Crimes Unspoke is the first historical account to expose the true extent of sexual violence in Germany at the end of the war, offering valuable new insight into a key period of 20th century history.

Beautiful: A beautiful girl. An evil man. One inspiring true story of courage/ Katie Piper
When Katie Piper was 24, her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful, she was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a model.
But then she met Daniel Lynch on Facebook and her world quickly turned into a nightmare ...
After being held captive and brutally raped by her new boyfriend, Katie was subjected to a vicious acid attack. Within seconds, this bright and bubbly girl could feel her looks and the life she loved melting away.
Beautiful is the moving true story of how one young woman had her mind, body and spirit cruelly snatched from her and how she inspired millions with her fight to get them back.

You Can't Run: The Terrifying True Story of a Young Woman Trapped in a Violent Relationship /Mandy Thomas (Autor)
To read the authors true story is heartbreaking. It is unbelievable level of physical and mental abuse and torture she had to suffer at the hands of her evil and sadistic husband. To think another human being could of inflicted such vile and horrendous pain on another is unfathomable I cried several times reading it. A very strong and courageous lady who was not believed by authorities and left to get on with it. She had nowhere to run and shockingly no one cared or helped. Her love and devotion for her children shines throughout the book. Her strength will hopefully help others who are in similar situations to escape before it is too late.

Ordinary Violence: Everyday Assaults against Women Worldwide/ Mary Stewart (Autor)
Addresses the many forms of global violence against women and shows how the psychology of individuals, institutions, and societies perpetuate the oppression of women.
In this eye-opening study, the author asserts that institutionalized definitions of masculinity and femininity, along with the social and economic inequality among the sexes, help perpetuate the daily and deadly violence against women all across the world. This second edition of a classic work examines the latest discussions on gender relations, including the current debate over whether prostitution and pornography should be deemed inherently violent and the role of western countries in the global response to violence against women.
Contains the most recent research on trafficking, mail order brides, and comfort women
Explains the roles of power, inequality, and gender hierarchy in violence against women
Examines the belief system behind institutionalized violence, including such acts as honor crimes and dowry deaths
Links current forms of violence with relics of the past—foot binding, comfort women, and charity girls.

Violence against Women in Pornography/ Walter S. DeKeseredy
The time is right for the book Violence Against Women in Pornography, and Dr. Walter DeKeseredy is just the right person to write it. In it, DeKeseredy and his co-author Marilyn Corsianos provide an uncensored view into the practices in the making of pornography that are both violent to the women who act in porn, and encourage men to be violent toward women in 'real life.' I appreciate the depth of the literature that this book integrates into concise chapters. The writing is both scholarly and accessible. The authors provide a stinging, well researched, and thoughtfully presented indictment of the pornography industry and the harms it inflicts upon our society. If more people read books like this, our world would be a better place in which to live. This great book is yet another in the line of highly impactful pieces Dr. DeKeseredy provides to generate knowledge about how to attenuate the serious problem of violence in our society. Bravo Drs. DeKeseredy & Corsianos!

Finding Nicole: A True Story of Love, Loss, Betrayal, Fear and Hope/Nicole Beverly (Autor)
Nicole shares her journey from domestic violence victim to survivor in a very honest and vulnerable way. She takes us through the cycle of domestic violence and the wide range of emotions experienced including love, loss, betrayal, fear and hope. At the conclusion of her story, Nicole provides a guidebook for victims and survivors of domestic violence, stalking and toxic relationships. The goal of this guidebook is to help victims leave safely, feel hope, build resilience and find themselves again.
Nicole met her ex-husband in college and over the course of the next 10 years found herself in an increasingly abusive and violent relationship. Like many victims she stayed in this relationship for a multitude of reasons including love, for her children, due to financial abuse and fear. Nicole finally left her abusive ex-husband in 2009 and faced stalking, threats and harassment at the hands of her abuser for the next two and a half years until he was finally convicted of stalking after she delivered a powerful victim impact statement at his sentencing hearing.
Unfortunately her abuser continued to pose a threat to her and their children from prison as he attempted to hire multiple inmates to kill her and her children during his incarceration. Due multiple errors by law enforcement officers, miscommunication between the prison system and law enforcement and a Prosecutor who did not believe that a jury would believe the testimony of other inmates, her abuser was set to be released from prison at the conclusion of his original sentence. Nicole researched recreating her identity, relocation and ways of protecting herself and her children. She found out just how difficult it would be to find employment and housing after an identity change would leave her with no work, education or credit history.
After careful consideration she decided to stay and fight for new charges to be brought against her ex-husband. Through social media she enlisted the help of family, friends, other survivors of domestic violence and stalking to help her share her story and plead with the authorities to help protect her family. Over the course of just a few short weeks her story went viral and was shared across the country and world. Thousands of people stood with her and advocated for her family through phone calls, emails, posts and tweets.
To Nicole's joy their efforts paid off and her case was picked up by the Attorney General of the State of Michigan. Over the course of the next 13 months and multiple court hearings in three different counties Nicole's abuser was found guilty of new charges and sentenced to a longer prison sentence allowing her and her children to live with less fear for the next 11 years.

We Are The Murder Victims Who Lived: A Survivor’s Truth on Sexual Assault/S.K. Menelle (Autor)
“We Are the Murder Victims Who Lived” is a gritty and grimy memoir written in the first person, which tackles the surviving of sexual assault while offering hope on life after. It also glimpses into the struggles and shames of life lived during, and a reminiscence on the innocence of life led before.
This book serves as a beacon of hope to survivors of sexual assault as well as a wake-up call for a society blinded by darkness. The book targets audiences of every age and gender and sexual orientation, presenting itself as a safe zone specifically for women, a comfort for those previously affected by sexual violence, assault, and abuse. It is also written for those who are trying to understand what has happened to their loved ones, navigating through the unknown. It is an education in the horrors of sexual assault, a spit in the face of the writer’s very own rapist. It paves its way as a testimony to the power of good people. It is an education in the phases that survivors of sexual assault face: denial, hate, hiding, shame, and fear, which then lends itself to hopefulness, unbounding love, and truth. It is a plea for people to listen, forcing us to look at the ways in which we view sex and relationships, and consider whether we will raise our very own sons from boys to men--or from boys to rapists.

City of Omens: A Search for the Missing Women of the Borderlands/Dan Werb (Autor)
For decades, American hungers sustained Tijuana. In this scientific detective story, a public health expert reveals what happens when a border city’s lifeline is brutally severed.
Despite its reputation as a carnival of vice, Tijuana was, until recently, no more or less violent than neighboring San Diego, its sister city across the border wall. But then something changed. Over the past ten years, Mexico’s third-largest city became one of the world’s most dangerous. Tijuana’s murder rate skyrocketed and produced a staggering number of female victims. Hundreds of women are now found dead in the city each year, or bound and mutilated along the highway that lines the Baja coast.
When Dan Werb began to study these murders in 2013, rather than viewing them in isolation, he discovered that they could only be understood as one symptom among many. Environmental toxins, drug overdoses, HIV transmission: all were killing women at overwhelming rates. As an epidemiologist, trained to track epidemics by mining data, Werb sensed the presence of a deeper contagion targeting Tijuana’s women. Not a virus, but some awful wrong buried in the city’s social order, cutting down its most vulnerable inhabitants from multiple directions.
Werb’s search for the ultimate causes of Tijuana’s femicide casts new light on immigration, human trafficking, addiction, and the true cost of American empire-building. It leads Werb all the way from factory slums to drug dens to the corridors of police corruption, as he follows a thread that ultimately leads to a surprising turn back over the border, looking northward.
“City of Omens is a compelling and disturbing tour of a border world that outsiders rarely see — and simultaneously, a clear guide to a field of public health that offers an essential framework for understanding how both ideas and diseases can spread.” -- MAIA SZALAVITZ, author of Unbroken Brain

Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism around the World/Holly Kearl (Autor)
Once a largely dismissed problem, street harassment is now headline news and being addressed by many international agencies and governments worldwide. This book details how a growing number of individuals, small groups, international organizations, and government agencies worldwide are working to create safe public spaces.
Everyone should be able to navigate through public spaces without facing harassment or the threat of sexual assault, yet that is a right that millions of people worldwide are routinely denied. In the United States alone, 65 percent of women and 25 percent of men experience street harassment. This book taps personal stories, research data, news stories, and information about global campaigns and grassroots action in dozens of countries to trace the growing social movement to recognize, address, and prevent street harassment. The author suggests what steps need to be taken next to help stop street harassment globally and invites readers to take action and be part of the solution.
The book addresses specific and prominent incidents of street harassment such as the mass sexual assaults of women at Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt; the gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in Delhi, India, in 2012; and the viral hidden-camera video produced by Hollaback!, an advocacy group dedicated to ending street harassment, that documents the catcalling and stalking that happens to a woman as she walks through New York City.
It documents the explosion of studies, personal story sharing, grassroots campaigns, and media attention on street harassment since 2010 as well as Global Safe Cities efforts by international organizations like UN Women and ActionAid in countries on all six continents during that time period. Attention is also paid to the ongoing lack of enforcement of laws on street harassment by police and judges. The book concludes by looking forward at remedies for the problem: education among youth about street harassment and addressing issues of consent and respect.
Makes a clear case for why street harassment is a human rights violation and provides evidence that illustrates its scope and status as a serious problem internationally
Provides a collection of studies and personal stories from more than a dozen countries on six continents
Weighs the pros and cons of laws intended to curtail street harassment
Documents how street harassment is a global problem and how individuals worldwide are taking action to create safer communities for all
Highlights how news stories in combination with individual outrage, community action, and online tools can lead to substantive social change.

Sexual Harassment Online: Shaming and Silencing Women in the Digital Age/ Tania G. Levey (Autor)
Women who use social media are often subjected to blatant sexual harassment, facing everything from name calling to threats of violence. Aside from being disturbing, what does this abuse tell us about gender and sexual norms? And can we use the Internet to resist, even transform, destructive misogynistic norms? Exploring the language of shaming and silencing women in the cybersphere, Tania Levey addresses these questions and also considers how online attempts to regulate women’s behavior intersect with issues of race, ethnicity, and class.
•Gender and Sexual Norms in the Digital Age.
•Slut: Shaming Sexual Activity.
•Whore: Judging “Bad” Girls.
•Dyke: Enforcing Heterofeminine Standards.
•Bitch: Controlling Gender Performances.
•Cunt: Silencing Women in Public. •Transformation and Dissent on Social Media.

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Mar 8, 2021

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Tiago Altamiranda Olesnievicz
Mar 7, 2021
Para hacer justicia

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Mar 7, 2021

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Mar 7, 2021
Hay que hacer Justicia ✊

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Mar 6, 2021
Para la justicia de Breoanna Taylor

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Mar 6, 2021
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