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Amna Nadeem started this petition to Arif Alvi (President Pakistan) and

A legitimate case of a poor full term pregnant woman who was beaten up by influential people ruthlessly and lost her life with the life of a son in her womb who was yet to be born. She has left behind two children (2 year old son and 1 year old son).

Rubina was a domestic servant in Karachi, she went to her village in Multan to spend vacations.
While she was there she got involved in a minor fight with some influencing people of that village on harming her 2 year old son which led for them to beat Rubina along others around her.

Rubina wife of Mujahid resident of Basti Barar Mauza Karmu walli, Tehsil Jalalpur Peer Walla, District Multan was attacked by Ashraf s/o Wasaya and others (The names given in the application submitted to DSP Irshad Joyya Jalalpur Peer Walla, for the registering of FIR on 12.5.2020, unfortunately besides follow-up no action was taken by the police and no FIR was registered.

Medical examination reports were also attached with the application.
The poor husband Mujahid was running from one hospital to another to save lives of his wife and a son who was yet to be born.

At last, injured Rubina passed away and her unborn son in her womb.

Later on, FIR UNDER SECTIONS 302 & 338C got REGISTERED thanks to International Human Rights Observer and Chairman Human Rights Commission for making that happen.

But now, the murderers are being backed up by influencial people. They were not letting the FIR get registered by influencing the police. Yet, after it is registered now they are threatening the husband of Rubina.

On 1st June, Mujahid, husband of Rubina tried to submit an application to the police that police refused to receive.
It states that him and his children's lives are at stake and they're being threatened, thus protection is needed.

The accused murderers of Rubina and her unborn child were granted interim bails till 25th June by the Court of Law that is surely not for the poor and helpless citizens of Pakistan.

How can interim bails be given for this long in a case of 302/338C where a pregnant poor woman was ruthlessly murdered with a child in her womb.

Please support us to get Justice for Rubina and her two young children.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!