#JusticeForRiou: Demand Officer Llanes be removed & charged for acts against this veteran

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We want Officer Ioannys LLanes ("lon-es yah-nez") relieved of duty and charged! It's been almost six months since Retired Veteran Mr. Oscar Julien-Riou was falsely arrested, battered, detained, and charged by Miami police while sitting on a park bench in Alonzo Kelly Park not bothering anyone. It's been two months since he filed a complaint with Internal Affairs on 03/28/19.  Miami PD still hasn't even placed Officer Ioannys Llanes on leave!!  Let the Miami PD know that you want this Officer removed today.  #JusticeForRiou is Justice for all of us.

Mr. Riou is 63 years old and has never been arrested in his life.  He entered the military as an E-3/ Private medic, earned his L.P.N., then his R.N. and Officer commission, retiring as an O-3.  Despite his compliance with Officer Ioannys Llanes ("Lon-es Yah-nez") order to leave an open park with a polite "Yes Sir," this veteran was still thrown down to the pavement and arrested, handcuffed and detained for over an hour in the back of a police car without probable cause.  He feared for his life that the Officers would kill him! Mr. Riou is also a Minister and Registered Nurse who retired from the V.A. after 20 years subsequent to retiring from the Army after 20 years. He is a self-taught pianist who still serves by volunteering at the V.A. playing the piano for veterans in palliative care.  After serving and protecting our country for 20 years, he was violated and brutalized by those also sworn to protect and serve.  He filed a complaint with the Miami PD on 03/28/19.  But despite his complaint, the video, and the fact that Miami PD is currently under U.S. DOJ monitoring for excessive force, poor tactics, and unreasonably prolonging delays, it hasn't even placed Officer Llanes ("Yah-nez") on leave during its investigation.  He's still policing on the streets!  What can you do?? Sign this petition to have Officer Ioannys Llanes removed from duty and charged by the Miami State Attorney's Office, and CALL the following and demand Officer Ioannys Llanes be removed from duty today and charged: 1) Miami PD's Office (305)603-6640 and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez' office (305) 250-5300..  (See more information at CallRawsiWilliams.com)