Want to get justice for my friend who committed suicide coz of her husband and his family

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 Mrs. Jeevitha, daughter of single mother who got married to a HR executive Mr. Rose murali on feb 11, 2016 was obsessed by the behaviour of her husband and committed suicide on 3rd of march, 2018. She found that Mr. Rose was illegally having an affair with his acquaintance Ms. Shahana, and caught him red handed when he was having a fun time with Ms. Shahana. Mrs. Jeevitha then enquired her husband and came to know he was interested on another girl, when she spoke against him regarding the issue he demanded her to give more dowry to retain her married life. When the issue was taken to the ears of husbands family, they never took any initiative to correct their son instead they came up with an answer that he was enjoying his life. With so much arguements and fight, Mrs. Jeevitha was pushed to the state of depression and stress, and also she was forcefully pushed by her In-laws family to commit suicide. Kindly take action against the husband. Mr. Rose Murali, from pattabiram.