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 All too often our young black youth; specifically, our males are violently murdered, slain, and snubbed out as if their worth in this world never existed! And unfortunately, it is becoming so common-place that our generation is becoming desensitized to the violence constantly being inflicted upon us. It’s as if the value placed on a black life is treated as less than that of an animal!

My family is currently living the constant hell from the loss of precious life that has violently and unnecessarily been taken too soon. On May 29, 2010, in Henderson, NC, my beloved brother Hasson K. Terry was shot and killed at a memorial service that our family was holding for our other brother, Raymond Dunn, whom, we had suddenly lost only two months prior! Hasson was only 19 years old when he was gunned down in our mother’s backyard in a triple shooting.

I’m sure you can imagine the devastation that my family has gone through, but nothing adds more insult to injury than the fact that the investigation of Hasson’s murder was greatly mishandled by the Vance County Police Department.  When investigating his murder, the Vance County Police department had failed to communicate with my family. They did not follow up on leads presented to them, and we have a great deal of reason to believe that they failed in the proper protocols in the case which resulted in Hasson’s killer being set free after only serving a mere 17-24 month sentence! There is no price that can be placed on Hasson’s life, as he was absolutely invaluable, but knowing that his murderer was set free without restitution is like living this nightmare over and over again every day of our lives! We will never see the semblance of peace until Hasson’s case is given its due diligence.

As a community, we are in a great deal of suffering. We are losing, we are hurting, we are in a constant state of protest, but we must continue on our fight for justice and we must never devalue ourselves nor can we allow anyone to devalue our lives as if it means nothing! Hasson’s murderer not only robbed us of the promise that his life could have brought to the world, he robbed his daughter of the chance to know her father.

Black lives matter is more than a slogan or hashtag. Every black life lost is a loss to the world and thus we must fight for those we lost, and we must make sure that they are not forgotten and that the significance of their lives are recognized.  I have a great love for the community, I thank you, all of my brothers and sisters for your support and love and I ask for your continued support in petitioning for the appeal of Hasson’s case. I will always be a voice for my brother and I will never stop seeking justice for him and all of those like him whose lives were not treated with the respect, value and the basic human decency that is deserved to all.

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