Overturn Judgment "Corupt" Retired ,Det.Richard Arciniega Coherin, Misconducts (13)Cases.

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In Desperate Needs for The U.S. Protective Justice system, Prosecutors and Judges to Overturn judgement on Corrupt Retired South L,A Detective Richard Arciniega Central Newton Division, who was found Guilty of His coherin and Misconducts since 1997 From Appeal Superior Court of L,A Case: (B197695) On several complaints the system proved Arciniega Guilty on several occasions, Evidence of manipulating witnesses statements and with held motion.The court review his personnel records on Jan 09,2009 it found eight pertinent complaints against him between 1997 and 2006 for filing false police reports,giving false testimony,tampering w/ photographic identification line ups. And coercing confessions. I am Amending  for my brother's Freedom of His wrongful life sentence." 

"You cannot impart Justice if your standard bearers are corrupt" No mortals! No Values and No Mercy !" Makes society forget they are public servants to protect,  instead they don't honor the oath they volunteered and took care to keep cover up and  Failed to overturn judgement on malpractice judgements.