Harsher Sentences For Fentanyl Dealers

Harsher Sentences For Fentanyl Dealers

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Marilyn Antonsanti started this petition to Justice System In Florida

My daughter was 38 yr. old with three girls. She was smart, beautiful and very talented she would give her shirt off her back if she needed to. Ezmay had fibromyalgia & Pancreatitis, which caused her to go in and out of the hospital. On her last visit, she stayed one week because she was in a lot of pain due to her illness. She was admitted and given some meds and IV fluid to help her control her pain.

Ezmay was provided enough medication on discharge, until she was able to see her primary doctor.

Ezmay was not able to see her primary doctor because of Covid. My daughter was in constant pain, Ezmay sent me a text saying that her pancreatitis will become fatal if she doesn’t take care of herself.

On Monday, a week after her discharge, she calls me, and we spoke for a while and she said she was coming to see me that weekend to enjoy Thanksgiving with us, my daughter never made it. She was found dead in a hotel room by a friend.

They called the ambulance and they administer Narcan more than once but she died as soon as she got to the hospital door.

I had to wait for an autopsy report for three months. My daughters' cause of death was accidental overdose, she had 11.8 of pure Fentanyl in her system. My daughter wasn’t a drug user, she was more of a wine drinker.

In the coroner’s report it states that my daughter had her regular meds in her system for the treatment of Fibromyalgia & Pancreatitis.

I called the coroner and she said my daughter never had a chance.

The coroner stated that It only takes two milligrams to kill someone, and my daughter had 6x’s more of the lethal dose my daughter had died within seconds.

The reason my daughter was in Orlando was because she had a meeting with a famous DJ, named  Paul Oakenfold and her producers, she was set to release her first dance single in the UK with DJ Paul Oakenfold.

My daughter never made it back home. We still don’t know who gave it to her.

It’s still under investigation.

These people are not drug dealers, they are murderers. These murderers are not being held accountable for anything they do, they usually get a plea deal and are back out in the streets. We need to come together and fight, fight like hell so something can be done.

These murderers know what they are selling and don’t care who they hurt!

My daughter has three girls who now have no mom.

Please I beg you let’s fight together! They are killing our children!

Please sign this petition. We are trying to get enough signatures so we can take it to Congress so these drug dealers are not given light sentences, it’s MURDER not an accidental overdose! 

I want, when my daughter’s killer is found he’ll get sentenced accordingly! For Murder! 



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