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Justice for child abuse victims who are unable to voice their pain in the eyes of the law

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Oregon's current law on child abuse (2012) makes it very difficult to file charges that involve victims who are unable to speak. This includes infants and toddlers, but also the victims with disabilities causing them to be non-verbal.  Despite having a confession from the abuser , a family friend babysitting, Alicia Quinney and Josh Marbury learned last Friday (5/21) that the abuser will not be prosecuted.  The abuser is able to walk away with no charges solely because the victim Jacob Marbury (1 years old) cannot verbally contest to his abuse.  Jacob was covered in bruises from the attack which happened in late March 2016, but bruises are not enough to show he suffered "substantial pain" in the state of Oregon.  We want everyone to share and sign this petition so that there can be justice for Jacob  The goal is to reverse the law making it easier to convict child abusers. It will take the Oregon Supreme Court to ultimately overturn the ruling on the victim's case.  We want the Oregon Supreme Court to review this case and serve justice to the abuser.

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Joshua Marbury needs your help with “Justice Rives Kistler, Chief Justice Thomas A. Balmer, Justice Martha Lee Walters, and Justice Jack : Justice for child abuse victims who are too young to speak up for themselves.”. Join Joshua and 59,915 supporters today.