Justice for child abuse victims who are unable to voice their pain in the eyes of the law

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Justice for Jacob Update

The following message comes from mother Alicia Quinney today after their final court date 7/28/2016 which is posted on her facebook page as well: "To all my friends, supporters & followers of ‪#‎justiceforjacob‬. Today was a huge win for justice! Markell Hilaire changed his plea from not guilty to guilty this morning in court, Judge then proceded to hand out his sentence. Markell is currently residing in the Washington County Jail. Thank you for all the prayers and support during this difficult time and continued prayers for healing would be appreciated. A special thank you to D.A. Dustin Staten for his sensitivity in our case." As far as changing the law goes, this story has gained the attention of influential law makers and legislatures alike in the state of Oregon. Some even reached out to Alicia to let her and her family know that they are going to use Jacob's story to help change this law. Unfortunately, the session doesn't begin until early January 2017, but this law and topic will be addressed and hopefully passed so that others do not have to go through a situation similar to Jacob's. If you live in the state of Oregon please feel free to continue to reach out to your state representatives about changing this law. Alicia and her family thank you for all of your continued support

Mackenzie Fry
4 years ago