September 16, 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cindy Boskofsky


About a year ago now, I received a shocking email from the daughter of Christie Edwards, the murder victim involved in this crime. I literally cried reading her email, and expressed to her that if she had evidence that would prove to me that Tamara is truly guilty of the loss of her mother's life, I would stop helping Tamara and deactivate this petition. Instead she actually signed the petition. The Feds quickly closed the case to keep their lies from being understood by the victims." #freetamarallamas

I can't think of a more remarkable and unanticipated turn of events! If one of the victims is in total support of Tamara's release, then this shows the real need for others to get involved and help Tamara. Please take the time to sign this petition, and share it with everyone you can, so they too can sign it. Let's make this happen! Thank you. Cindy (BOZ)

Grant CLEMENCY to TAMARA LLAMAS, mom of 5, serving sentences for crimes she DIDN'T commit.

Tamara Llamas has been incarcerated since 1996 for 3 crimes SHE DID NOT COMMIT. She was also charged with distribution of marijuana, which she admits guilt to. But SHE IS INNOCENT of the other 3 crimes. She was sentenced to 4 concurrent life sentences for use of a firearm in a drug crime, witness tampering, and conspiracy to murder for hire . She has PROOF that she was WRONGFULLY accused and sentenced for the 3 crimes SHE DID NOT COMMIT. 

Tamara was illegally COERCED and wrongfully THREATENED by her lawyer under duress with the death penalty for murder if she failed to “accept” a plea agreement that stated she participated in the murder even though she did not. At the time of the plea negotiation she was OVERMEDICATED on 35mg of Prozac and 200mg of Trazodone. At those toxic amounts she should have been in an in-patient hospital, but instead she was being coerced to sign a plea agreement. Fearful for her life, and on the advice of her family, who also feared she would be executed, she accepted the plea bargain in order to save her life. But she has PROOF of her innocence:

- A WRITTEN AFFIDAVIT by the actual murderer, Jimmy Wakefield, states HER INNOCENCE of the murder and HIS OWN GUILT. He implicated her to save himself from the death penalty. Yet this evidence is being disregarded by Jimmy’s attorney,  Prosecutor Brasher, and the courts. Jimmy’s subsequent admission of guilt is not being accepted and entered into evidence on behalf of Tamara. 

- SWORN AFFIDAVIT and numerous personal letters by Jimmy Wakefield    confessing that  Prosecutor Brasher coerced him into implicating Tamara in order to  avoid the death penalty for himself, and admitting that HE ALONE COMMITED  THE  MURDER and that SHE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY WAY. 

- Several letters and an affidavit accumulated as evidence of her innocence, copies  of which were sent to both the Court and the Prosecutor. 

- A Polygraph test she was administered by the FBI which SHE PASSED.

- A Polygraph test by Jimmy Wakefield which HE FAILED.

When Tamara was arrested, her five children were 1-14 years old. Among all the things she has missed while incarcerated, two of her children were killed in separate car accidents and she was unable to attend their funerals or mourn with her grandchildren and family.

She wants to be able to return to her family, to once again be part of her children's lives and become a part of her grandchildren's lives. Tamara wants justice:

1) Her case re-heard with ALL the evidence especially Jimmy Wakefield's admission  of perjury and his guilt of the murder.
2) She is given credit for her time served and is immediately released from prison.
3) A reduction of her sentence to reflect only the marijuana charges, with the      possibility of a further reduction of her sentence to reflect the changes in marijuana laws since her incarceration.

Tamara has exhausted all legal avenues available to correct this injustice.

Tamara does not have the legal knowledge to navigate around the legal arena to help herself. If you are an attorney or celebrity willing to help her or advocate on her behalf, please contact me. Thank you.

Cindy Boskofsky



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Signatures: 3,788Next Goal: 5,000
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