Impeachment of Justice DY Chandrachud

Impeachment of Justice DY Chandrachud

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Namo Buddhaaya started this petition to Ravi Shankar Prasad and

I hereby submit a petition for the impeachment of the Incumbent Justice DY Chandrachud for his careless approach in making a derogatory statement, discriminating the Hindu community and its faith by subduing the “Collective Consciousness” of the people as the “Morality of the MOB”.
The statement is indicative of the lack of due diligence by the incumbent Justice DY Chandrachud, before he made this statement in spite of the dissenting verdict from the Incumbent Justice Indu Malhotra.
Justice Indu Malhotra said and I quote,
“Issues which have deep religious connotation SHOULD NOT BE TINKERED WITH to maintain secular atmosphere in the country. It is not for court to interfere in religious practices even if it APPEARS discriminatory. NOTIONS of rationality cannot be brought into matters of religion. Constitutional morality in a pluralistic society gives freedom to practice even irrational customs”
Pronouncing her dissenting judgement, Justice Indu Malhotra said, "Issues of deep religious sentiments should not be ordinarily be interfered by the Court. An equality DOCTRINE CANNOT OVERRIDE the fundamental right to worship under Article 25. Religious practices can't be tested solely on the basis of Article 14 (Equality). The shrine and deity are protected by Article 25 of the Constitution."
This careless approach and derogatory statement from Justice DY Chandrachud has had a HEAVY influence on the final verdict from the Incumbent Honorable Chief Justice Deepak Mishra.
My specific appeal in this petition
1. The Incumbent Justice DY Chandrachud needs to take back his statement
2. Apologize for
i. not having done the due diligence to understand the willful RIGHTS of the Brahmachaari Deity “Lord Ayyappa” & Kanni Deity “Maaligaipurathu Amman” who are covered under the Article 25 of the Constitution of India
ii. his careless approach to the PEOPLE’s Consciousness; influencing / misleading the judgement; intentionally or carelessly.
3. The verdict of-course needs to be re-reviewed accordingly.
4. The Supreme Court needs to be conscious
i. not to delve without due-diligence into matters beyond its scope and ability to understand.
ii. and be responsible before making statements about such matters.
5. While the male Deity “Lord Ayyappa” – Naishtika Brahmachaari and female deity “Maaligaipurathu Amman” – non-menstruating Kanni Maatha who are the physical embodiments of Purity and Sanctity, do not want to be visited by the menstruating women with a larger vision of good for both the men (who come there) and women (at home); it is DEFINITELY not upto the judicial system to alter the ritual without understanding the reasoning behind it.
6. The issue of permitting women of all ages into Sabarimala temple is subject to ‘Devaprasnam’, a ritual performed by well known astrologers to answer questions pertaining to religious practices and instances where the thantris are unable to take a decision.
7. The results of such ‘Devaprasnams’ conducted in the past are documented which reveal the deity does not wish young women from entering the precincts. ‘Devaprasnam’ holds a revered position in determining spiritual matters of temples in Kerala.
8. Nature will find its way to address it. Do we want to be in the way or give way to Dharma to compose it?
9. We’ve witnessed it once in Kerala already. Should we test it again or get wise?
10. Better late than never. May sanity prevail!

My appeal to people of all religion, caste, gender, language is that, if one is willing to see beyond what is visible to them, one can actually see the dots of Dharma and all that one has to do is connect them and act based on what they visualize.

"Dharmam Thalai Kaakkum”

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