Suffering Unitech home Buyers?? Waiting for action.

Suffering Unitech home Buyers?? Waiting for action.

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Honourable  Justice Ranjan Gogoi,

I plead to you on behalf of thousands of Unitech suffering home Buyers. 

Thousands of Unitech Home Buyers have lost their life savings. They are paying EMI and have no clarity on whether they will get the property or not. You are seen in the country as a person who will always stand up for the rights of individuals.

Sir the case is sub-judice and as a citizen of India we are suffering. Only your intervention can save us. I myself have Unitech Sunbreeze property. Not only Sunbrezee owners are suffering but thousands of Unitech home buyers and their families. Hence direct and indirectly it is affecting Lacs of Citizens.

Uniworld Resorts Villas- Gurgaon

Sunbreeze - Gurgaon
Anthea Floors - Gurgaon
Crest View Apartments - Gurgaon
Wildflower Country Plots - Gurgaon
Woodstock Floors - Gurgaon
The Close (South) - Gurgaon
The Close (North) - Gurgaon
Fresco - Gurgaon
Escape - Gurgaon
Harmony - Gurgaon
UW Resorts Plots - Gurgaon
Nirvana Country 2 Plots - Gurgaon
Uniworld Gardens II - Gurgaon
The Residences - Gurgaon

Vistas - Gurgaon
Alder Grove - Gurgaon
South City II Floors - Gurgaon
Exquisite - Gurgaon
Espace Premiere - Gurgaon
South Park - Gurgaon
The Willows - Gurgaon
The One - Gurgaon
Ivy Terraces - Gurgaon
Horizon - Greater Noida
Heights - Greater Noida
Cascades - Greater Noida
Habitat - Greater Noida
Verve - Greater Noida
Unihomes Plots - Greater Noida
Amber - Noida
The Willows - Noida
Unihomes 2 G&H - Noida
Burgundy - Noida
Unihomes Phase I - Noida
Unihomes Phase II - Noida
Gardens - Noida
Unihomes 3 - Noida
The Residences - Noida
Exquisite - Noida
Unihomes Superb - Noida
Other Sites - Noida
Downtown - Kolkata
Gardens - Kolkata
Horizons - Kolkata
Heights - Kolkata
Air - Kolkata
Cascades - Kolkata
Harmony - Kolkata
Vistas - Kolkata
Gateway Cluster I - Kolkata
Gateway Cluster II - Kolkata
Fresco - Kolkata
The Terraces - Chennai
Palm Premire - Chennai
Ananda - Chennai
Brahma - Chennai
Gulmohur Avenue - Chennai
Unihomes - Chennai
Aspen Greens - Chennai
Palm Villas - Chennai
Gardens - Chennai
Unihomes 2 - Chennai
Greenwood City Plots - Chennai
Chaitanya - Chennai
Ekanta - Chennai
Birch Court - Chennai
Uniworld Resorts - Bangalore
Unihomes - Bhopal
Uniworld City Plots - Mohali
Garden Villa - Mohali
Gardens Mohali - Mohali
Singletons Floors - Mohali
Executive Floors - Mohali
Unihomes - Mohali
Aspen Greens - Mohali
Unihomes - Rewari
Anand - Rewari
Unihomes - Ambala
Anand - Ambala
The Residences - Dehradun

and many more .......  Also not to forget Unitech FD Holders also.

Please save us !!!!!!!!!!!!