Grant's Legacy. Tougher Laws For Dealers Of Fentanyl

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On January 10th/2020, my life changed for the worse. I found my 26 year old son passed away in bed. It looked like he was sleeping but I knew he was dead. I kept shaking him, begging him to wake up, but he wouldn't. Later that night I was to find out that he was a recreational Coke user, and had passed away from Fentanyl laced Coke. The anger in me was beyond any anger I ever felt, and vowed that I would make sure justice was served! The police were great in letting me lay with him for a while, before his father and I watched him being taken away in a body bag. A vision that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The next day, I was to find out that 3 other males, all recreational Coke users, had passed away the same day, in our small city. Four families left to grieve in the worse way. Four adults that led productive lives...happy lives! Gone! Never to come back!

I have been able to start making small changes in the last 5 months. One is creating an International Fentanyl Awareness Ribbon, dated January 10th. This is in remembrance of millions of lives lost. Educating people on the dangers of trusting your "dealers". Educating the community in what to look for in "Drug houses" and reporting tools. I started a group to help other families seek justice that is so much needed. 

As per Health Canada's reports. From 2016-2019, there have been just under 14k accidental overdoses from Fentanyl, with 94% being unasked for! To put those numbers in perspective, all we need to do is look at Canada's COVID numbers. So this is a pandemic, and also 14k murders unaccounted for! While education plays a large part in this, we need to start at the source and that is with the dealers! They are doing this because THEY CAN! 

I am I am demanding! That a law be brought forth to stop these murders. Yes it is murder! Anyone caught trafficking Fentanyl, an automatic sentence of 10 years. Anyone dying from Fentanyl tainted product? Murder. 

I love my son beyond any words. My heart aches everyday that I don't get to hear his voice, giggle. Our deep conversations on anything and everything. He did not deserve one did or does. 

Thank You

Jennifer York

and the thousands of other grieving Canadian parents. 

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