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Moka Dawkins, a Black Trans sex worker has been found guilty of manslaughter after a Toronto jury convicted her after two days of deliberation. This decision is a direct rejection of Dawkins' credible claim of self-defence which was backed by a defence that highlighted the deceased client's violent past and endangering actions which resulted in Moka's need to defend herself against injury and possible death. 

Dawkins testified during deliberation that "she disarmed Foster and fought back after he attacked her and stabbed her in the face" (via Toronto Star). The Crown not only chose to ignore the testimony of Dawkins but, also, research presented by the defence into the high rates of violence faced by Trans sex workers, and their response to it.

This decision is part of a continued criminalization of violence survivors (namely, sex workers) who have not been afforded the same protections that the general public has been. 

While what Moka needs is support and protection at such a traumatic time in her life, she has been criminalized instead and this violent time is doubled by the violent misgendering which has occurred by placing her in an all-male facility.  

These article below delve a little more into Moka's case and how this verdict came to be, even through the surmounting evidence that Moka Dawkins was defending herself from a client who wanted to inflict serious harm on her:




1. Caroline Mulroney and Justin Trudeau must call for an immediate end to the violent misgendering which has resulted in Moka's stay in an all-male prison.

2. Superior Court Justice Robert Clark to grant Moka Dawkins time served on October 31st at her sentencing hearing.