Fire Judge Genece Brinkley

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  • Philadelphia local and famous rapper Meek Mill has just been freed from Chester County Prison on April 24, 2018, from a 2-4 year jail sentence. Although he is free currently and no longer serves time inside the prison, this case has bought my attention to the judge, Genece Brinkley. She continues to be tough on meek and she has reportedly claimed that she refuses to step down from meek's case because of her own personal vendetta against him and his family. 
  • The firearm and drug case that meek was involved in happened 10 years ago. Key witness Graham and Gibson lied to the judge and claimed meek put a gun on one of them outside a drug and stash house in North Philadelphia when he didn't. The case has been dismissed and meek was under probation but recently the case was overturned, with judge Genece Brinkley granting meek a new trial and putting him behind bars for 2-4 years. This is extremely unfair and the judging was extremely inconsistent. From the case being dismissed and dead to meek being behind bars, it is clear the judge don't know what she is doing and is putting meek behind bars on purpose. She doesn't fit being a judge and her ruining families after families has to stop. 
  • Since the case has been dismissed, meek has went on to have major success with maybach music, releasing albums after albums. He also turned 30 and currently have a child. For Brinkley to sentence him to the amount of years that he was sentenced to, it was absolutely ridiculous and comical.