Justice for Wombat stoned to death

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An off-duty police officer was filmed stoning a wombat to death while his mate watched, filmed, and laughed.

Police, off-duty or not, should be held to high standards. Celebrating an act of animal cruelty in this way is unacceptable. Wombats are beautiful, gentle creatures and do not deserve such cruel torment.  

We have dedicated our entire lives to saving these beautiful animals and here is the polar opposite. It hurts our heart and this is something we will never forget. May this baby not have suffered and died in vain. 

Aboriginal elder Major Sumner said legislation needed to be strengthened to ensure that traditional hunting laws were not exploited. Major Sumner denounced the stoning of the wombat as “wrong” and showing “no respect”.

We are asking for these perpetrators to be investigated under the Animal Welfare Act, and to ensure pre-existing laws are not exploited in cases of animal cruelty.