Justice for Victims of War Crimes and Terrorist Attacks In Nigeria

Justice for Victims of War Crimes and Terrorist Attacks In Nigeria

7 June 2022
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Karim A. A. Khan QC (Prosecutor)
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Started by Rachel H

Around the world, people are deeply concerned as insurgent groups continue to commit crimes and serious human rights violations in Nigeria. Since 2011, one of the largest Islamist militant groups in Africa – Boko Haram – has conducted terrorist attacks on religious and political groups, local police, military, and civilians. The kidnapping of over two hundred girls from their school in April 2014 drew international attention to the ongoing threat from Boko Haram and the government’s inability to contain it. 

The ongoing terrorist attacks and insecurity contribute to the dehumanization of Nigerian Civilians. In 2020, the Nigerian military and the police opened fire on a gathering of protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos. It was the culmination of weeks of protests by Nigerians, young and old, against police brutality by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. In 2021, armed groups abducted and killed hundreds of civilians. Government forces also carried out indiscriminate attacks against civilians during counter-insurgency efforts. More than 3,494 people died in inter-communal violence and bandit attacks, and more than 5,290 people were abducted for ransom by bandits and other gunmen.[1]


These severe issues might lead to further extremism and civil conflict. The political and military instability in Libya, which began with the Arab Spring protests and escalated into civil war, is one of the most frightening examples of what could happen in Nigeria if the international community does not act quickly. 

Military conflict, continuing uneven distribution of oil revenue, and high levels of corruption pose significant challenges to Nigerian security. In addition, the right to health is undermined by the authorities while health workers resort to strike action. The recent attack in the town of Owo confirms that the violence is widespread as the terror could be taking a new direction. The safety of Nigerians is not guaranteed even in the southwest of Nigeria. All of it results in alarming impacts on the country’s economy as well as people’s mental and physical health.


Although States around the world have so far turned a blind eye to the war crimes in Nigeria, the preliminary examination by the International Criminal Court of Justice proves that there is a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed.[2] Therefore, these violations can no longer be ignored. 


Together, the international community needs to combat threats caused by terrorist attacks to enable Nigerians to live peacefully and have an environment that will allow them to exercise their full potential as diverse and gifted people.

We call for international help to ensure the human rights of Nigerians and re-establish their safety. We underline the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers, and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism to justice and urge all States to cooperate actively to end terrorism and war crimes in Nigeria. 


[1] Amnesty International Report 2021/2022 https://www.amnesty.org/en/location/africa/west-and-central-africa/nigeria/report-nigeria/
[2] International Criminal Court. Preliminary examination of Nigeria. https://www.icc-cpi.int/nigeria

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Signatures: 390Next Goal: 500
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  • Karim A. A. Khan QCProsecutor