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No plea deal for Andrew Basinski

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On August 28th, one day prior to his first birthday Trenton Ellis's life was changed forever. He was suffocated by Andrew Alan Basinski in an attempt to make him take a nap. This act was knowingly commited, meaning: Andrew commited this act knowing that Trenton would stop crying, pass out and fall asleep. Andrew was charged with three counts of 1st degree child abuse each count carrying a mininmum sentence of 15 years in prison and a maximum sentence of life. During a walker trial in February, the court ruled that his admittal to the crime would be used against him in the court of law. During a polygraph test, Andrew Basinski broke down and told the Polygraph examiner what he had done. He had been read his Miranda Rights and knew that anything he said could be used against him in a court of law. He told the detective that he had placed Trenton's face into his chest and squeezed him until Trenton stopped crying. This napping method resulted in a near deadly consequence. Trenton had lost adequate oxygen to his brain for almost 5 minutes. The lasting effects would later be discovered. The MRI shows that Trenton has over 70% brain damage, extensive physical and mental limiations, blindness, seizures and the reliance of a G-tube among other things.
This case was set to go to Trial on May 7th 2013. Sometime between the Walker Trial in February and the final pre-trial that was scheduled for April 25th things changed. On April 15th a plea deal was entered for 1 count of 2nd degree child abuse. The Prosecuting Attorney, Anthony Bendoviac and Andrew's defense attorney agreed to drop three 1st degree child abuse charges and ONLY charge Andrew Basinski with 1 count of 2nd degree child abuse. Andrew went from facing three life sentences to a maximum of 10 years. This is not justice. Trenton will FOREVER be limited to his abilities, he is blind, he is not always able to process his environment correctly, he has seizures, he requires extensive therapy for vision, physical needs, and feeding. Trenton may never walk, talk, crawl, or play with his brothers and sisters.
The Wexford County court system is being lazy with this case. His admittal alone should be enough to charge and convict his with atleast 1 count of first degree child abuse. Time and money for a trial should mean nothing when it comes to the life of a child. Life was nearly stripped from Trenton. Andrew was not remorseful for his actions. He lied to Trenton's parents, to the detectives, to himself, to everyone. He lied until the guilt over took him and he admitted to this crime. There should never have been a plea offered. Trenton's father, Austin Crowl, was never even informed that a plea deal was on the table. He was set to go to trial and hoped to see a maximum sentencing verdict ruled on.
Trenton didn't get to plea for his life, so why should Andrew Basinski get to plea for his? 

By signing this petition  you are asking that the honorable judge hearing this case sentence Andrew Basinski for the maximum of 2 10 year subsequent sentences.


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