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19 protestors arrested in Tallahassee

Thank you for taking action for Tony McDade. Here’s an update on what’s happened in the weeks since you’ve added your signature to this petition:  On September 5, a Florida grand jury announced they would not be charging the Tallahassee police officers who shot and killed Tony McDade. The grand jury also acquitted officers involved in the fatal shootings of two other Black men, Mychael Johnson and Wilburn Woodard, in Tallahassee earlier this year. Peaceful protesters gathered the next day and were met with a huge police presence, from 5 different law enforcement agencies. Known as the #Tally19, 19 people were arrested at or after the protest, and face charges for standing up for Tony McDade. Want to support the #Tally19? Click here to send a letter to Florida lawmakers demanding that they drop the charges and stop arresting peaceful protestors.

The Team
3 years ago