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Justice For Timothy Piazza!!

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We, a community of concerned citizens, are respectfully asking that you District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller, to NOT consider offering or accepting any plea deals in this case, lower any charges, or drop any charges. Timothy was failed greatly in life by people who he should have been able to trust. Please, don't allow Timothy to now be failed in death as well. We ask that you fight for TRUE justice for Timothy and his family by allowing these 18 men to stand trial for the crimes in which they've been charged. These men need to be held fully accountable for their actions. Anything less would not be real justice for Timothy and his family. This was not an isolated incident. As you are aware a similar incident took place a year prior resulting in a head injury to a pledge then as well. This is clearly a cycle in this fraternity and would be a complete injustice to offer or allow any plea deals in this case and/or dropping any charges. Thank you for your time and consideration in this urgent matter.


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Timothy Piazza was a 19 year old sophomore at Penn State University. On the evening of February 02, 2017, Timothy participated in a fraternity drinking ritual where he became extremely intoxicated and incoherent. Timothy fell several times that night, twice being down a flight of stairs. It was clear Timothy was severely injured and in need of medical attention. For 12 long hours Timothy suffered while his "brothers" and others did NOTHING to help him. 18 (if not more) people watched as Timothy slowly died and instead of calling 911 they took videos, stepped over him, hit him, punched him, planned how to cover up the truth, etc!! Timothy died as a result of his injuries (a collapsed lung, a ruptured spleen, and a nonrecoverable brain injury) from that night. His death was preventable, his life could have been saved had just one person stepped up and did the right thing. 18 young men have been charged with various crimes (ie: manslaughter, aggravated assault, hazing, etc). Ultimately they all played a roll in his preventable and untimely death. To learn more about Timothy's story and to help support Justice for Timothy please join our Facebook group dedicated to fighting for justice for Timothy and his family.

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