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Animal cruelty is a serious problem. The lack of care for animal welfare in San Antonio is overwhelming. This type of situation should not be taken lightly. We need to set an example of Tiger and set forth harsher penalties for animal cruelty acts.

This dog was allegedly chewing on headphones and his owner then proceeded to "discipline" him. Dogs do these things out of boredom or lack of training. Either way, beating an animal with an object as a result is not acceptable especially when the offender's life had not been threatened. HE DESERVES TO ROT IN JAIL.

Letter to
John E. Murphy, First Assistant U.S. Attorney
Texas State House
Texas State Senate
and 1 other
Texas Governor
Please consider the sensitive nature of this case. Tiger, the dog, was mercilessly beaten by his owner. This dog posed no threat and was killed as a result of Mr. Mendoila's "disciplinary" actions.

Tiger allegedly ate the man's headphones which in turn caused the offender to beat the dog with a knife. After the beating the offender let the dog loose and left him to die. He disposed of the weapon in a nearby trashcan. This man is a threat, not only to animals, but to society and deserves the maximum penalty.

Let this be a message and example to all other animal abusers that these actions will not be tolerated. We are their voice and action starts now.

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