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Justice for the victims and punish these officers

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Police brutality is getting out of control day by day with unlawful arrests. beatings and injury's and even Police Rape  we the people are getting sick of police and there brutality there using on people police are supposed to protect and serve not beat us up and give us injury's but when we make a complaint against police and there brutality's they get off with a paid vacation for those police who got off we want justice for the victims of police brutality and for them to be convicted of brutality and who ever does these crimes should lose there badge what's to say they wont keep injuring people we call for all them police officers to be called back for a trial and be convicted and lose there badge we don't need police who injure people I call for a full investigation on nsw police  for police rape and investigate the former officers around the 90s and investigate all the police brutality claims bring justice for the victims we want a harsh punishment for police .

                       Jun 9, 2016 Innocent People shot

in Hornsby nsw police shot 2 innocent people a women 60 years old and another women 82 years of age the police didn't care about bystanders they just fired there guns #NoneLeathalguns for police we want justice police aint above the law badges don't gain extra rights.bring this police to justice for shooting innocent women. video clip


                                        Nsw  Police Rape

on September 25th 1996 a lady named Kerrie Hawkins was raped by S/C timothy hill and nothing has been done about this Kerrie Hawkins put in complaints and they turned her away saying they cant help her then S/C timothy hill sent mail to her house with bullets and a police ribbon saying who ever tells on police die we want justice and for this officer to be convicted witch now he left the force.but Kerrie was not the only one who was raped by police there is a lot more around the 90s that was raped bring these officers for trial

                        Former AFP officer assaulted gold coast

A former Federal police officer has made a complaint that’s put Gold Coast police in the spotlight once again for all the wrong reasons.

Paul Gibbons was holidaying in Surfers Paradise when five officers arrived at his apartment complex, looking for someone else.

Mr Gibbons says he let the officers into the lobby, but they were angry that he took too long.

Approached by five officers and feeling intimidated, Mr Gibbons lifted his mobile phone and began filming. The officers immediately responded by throwing him to the ground and handcuffing him.

Unfortunately for the police, CCTV footage in the lobby area supports Mr Gibbons’ assertion that he was not acting violently or aggressively towards them before being assaulted  if it was on CCTV whats to investigate the proof is right there.

                    Unlawfull arrest of 12 year old boys

newcastel police On jan 10 2015 police officers arrested 12 year old boys accusing them of steal peoples things at a pool it turns out they didn not steal a thing from any one the police took the boys phone off him but the phone was his that his mother got him the mother didn't no about the arrest she saw it all on a facebook post  these police don't deserve to be on the police force here is the news report.

 #Justice for Ray Currier who was beat up by gold coast police nothing was done to these officers who did this crime no matter who you are if ur an officer you should be punished Police officers swore to protect and serve

A Gold Coast police officer will not be charged over allegations he used excessive force while arresting a 51-year-old youth detention worker, Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) we ask for justice and for this officer to get punishment. 15 year old girl was sexually assaulted by a male officer witched he groped her questions asked why wasn't she searched by a female officer  



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