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Minnie Steps 4 Justice started this petition to President of the United States and

Here at Minnie Steps 4 justice, we give voices to the unheard and  forgotten victims of crimes committed against the elderly and minority women. 

Minnie steps 4 justice campaign addresses the unfair and unjust practices of the legal system to delay or deny the families of the victim’s justice!!!!

 On January 18, 2017, Kristopher Jones forever changed the lives of the Woodard and Lugo families by kidnapping the Woodard’s patriarch, Pastor Alfred L. Woodard, the murder of the Woodard’s beloved matriarch, Minnie D. Woodard, and the murder of the Lugo’s family’s daughter and sister, Janice Lugo. 

These are the victims of a vicious murder and assault victims of the January 18, 2017 attacks on South Jefferson Street in Petersburg, Virginia. These crimes were committed by Kristopher Jones who confessed and led authorities to where the bodies were discovered.


Mt. Sinai Christian Center - Petersburg, Va.

Minnie Woodard, 76, mother of 5 and matriarch of the family was murdered in the family home on South Jefferson St, Petersburg VA at the hands of Kristopher jones. Minnie Woodard was an elder and established board member with Mount Sinai Holiness Churches of America Inc, founded by Pioneer Ida Robinson.  She suffered multiple stab wounds, was dragged out of the house and body dumped at an abandoned house in a neighboring county.


Mt Sinai Christian Center - Petersburg, VA

Retired Sergeant Major (SGM) Alfred L Woodard- Veteran in the United States Army and senior Pastor of Mount Sinai Christian Center church in Petersburg Va. On Jan 18, 2017, Alfred Woodard was the victim of a robbery, theft, carjacking and extortion plot.  He was abducted from the family home and held hostage at gun point by Kristopher Jones to extort money and who used his wife Minnie Woodard as the bait to demand the ransom for funds. His wife Minnie would later be found dead at an abandoned house a day later January 19, 2017.


Resident S Jefferson St -  Petersburg, VA

Janice Lugo- 52 year old Latino citizen found strangled to death in her apartment on South Jefferson Street in Petersburg, VA by Kristopher Jones on May 18th, 2017. She was a victim of domestic violence and abuse found with a blackened eye and bruises over her face.

The Petersburg Virginia Court System still hasn't tried these cases!!! 

Where is the Justice?

No Justice- No Jury- No Court Date for Trial 

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for our country to join together to get actively involved. This petition is one of the simplest ways to help with these cases. 

If  you would like to contribute more please contact at www.msteps4j.org

Thank you

"with liberty and justice for all"









0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!