Justice For The Mount Ida Community

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The sudden closing of Mount Ida College by the President and Board of Trustees has adversely impacted the students, their parents, the faculty and staff of the school. Current students and those who have been offered tuition for fall 2018, are being forced to look at other schools, unsure of where to turn on such short notice, as well as whether all of their MIC credits will be accepted. With the students being forced into UMASS state schools, several specialized programs are not offered, and many students have been left floundering and wondering if they will even get to finish their degree if they continue to go to a school that cannot help them reach their final college credits. Many others are simply commuters who cannot drive across the state several days a week to continue their education. Prospective students who were accepted & received generous financial inducements to attend MIC, only to have turned down other colleges & universities now have to hope and pray that one of the schools they've turned down will accept another request for admission this late in the game. Additionally, parents of those new students may have to seek additional financing due to the fact that they were unaware that they'd have to, based on the Mount Ida acceptance.

1. All students (incoming & existing) should be admitted to the school of their choice, with the same financial aid package that they received from Mount Ida.

2. Appropriate educational alternatives for all students.

3. We'd like guarantees from the current President & Board of Trustees that the majors not offered at UMass will be continued by Regis on the MIC campus, since there are no suitable local alternatives, with the same teachers & staff staying on.

4. We would like the State Auditor of the State of MA, as well as the Dept of Education to do forensic financial analysis of Mount Ida for any improprieties or mismanagement that may have resulted in having to close the school.


The news has left the entire Mount Ida Community heartbroken, frustrated, and very unsure of their futures. We ask you take time to sign the petition in your show of support for our community and to help us better guarantee the state of our futures.
Thank You.