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Justice for Terry Boyle


Written in Terrys words. i was charged with attempted murder all because my son which is 6 years old was fighting with his sibling and for a split second I put a couch pillow over his head and was getting up on the other side of the couch to give him time out on the couch  for about 2 minutes. there trying to say I tried to harm him. he never required no oxygen, EMS, hospital visit, doctor visit, he was perfectly fine. And he moved the small couch pillow off his face his self still wanting to fight with his sibling But he got time out I went to my counselor talking to her and I bought that up the next thing I knew I was  taken to the hospital and drugged out cause I have anxiety attacks depression panic attacks and insomnia  and I guess I flipped out by arguing with the nurses and doctors. I was scared what was going to happen to me and happen to my kids my life flashed before my eyes. It was hell a pure living nightmare, then I ended up spending 2 and half day in the psych ward at mary mount and  10 days in jail with a million dollar bond. The detectives and the counselor  twisted this around to there favor. I have never been in trouble and I sure the heck am not going to harm my kids. When the detectives questioned me i was not in the right state if mind to being quiestioned cause i was on my meds at the time and they mess with my mind and what ever the hosptial had drugged me up with i know its illegal to question someone when they are not in the right state of my mind i mean im no a bad person my kids have everything they need i have not seen or heard from my kids for a month already all because they want to switch the story around and make me sound like a criminal but I guess Its a crime now to cry out for help.

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