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Justice for Terri... Hit and run victim

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I'd like you to meet my Aunt Terri... yes, that's her, in the urn.  A die hard Yankee's fan we couldn't help but choose that one for her.  Anything Yankees themed she had to have it, so why not after death give her the last Yankees object we could possibly give her.

Teresa Glossy Obituary

On the night of May 11, 2016 around 10:30 pm I received a call from my sister.  I am confused because with 2 children, she never calls me that late.  I nervously answer the phone to hear her frantic on the other end.  "Aunt Terri has been involved in a hit and run!  She's dead!  We have to go to the hospital to identify her."  My heart sinks, I am in disbelief but without hesitation I jump in my car and head to my mom and my sister. We were driven to the hospital by a very nice police officer who tried to make the ride as comfortable as he could by offering some friendly conversation and advice.  

The moments that followed were some of the most horrific moments that one can imagine.  To identify a loves ones body is something I never want to have to do in my lifetime again.  It is not a pleasant sight and it is not the last way you want to see them. We will forever have that image of her in our brains.  

Hit and Run article "threw her into the air" "Heavy front end damage"

What this petition is about today is wanting the maximum penalty for the crime committed.  William Donofrio, 25 of Shelton was finally arrested on March 9, 2017 with charges of:

  1. Evading responsibility (Fancy term for hit and run causing death)
  2. Tampering with physical evidence
  3. Failure to exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian

It is to our understanding that the main charge can have a sentence of anywhere from 2 to 20 years.  He made a decision to leave her there to die.  He did not stop, he did not try to help her, he didn't call 911. HE LEFT.  He turned what could have been a tragic accident into a tragic crime.  According to the Shelton PD press release he also cleaned and hid his car.  He cleaned his car... her blood is literally on his hands.  He could even have come forward later on.  I can even understand if someone was scared.  But he didn't.  He went on with his life while hers is over.

During this time between her death and his arrest he was also arrested and charged with 3 counts of larceny and 3 counts of burglary (December 2016).  While we understand innocent until proven guilty he has a history of criminal/drug activity.  In 2014 he was also arrested for DUI, illegal possession of marijuana as well as multiple other charges.  

So what we, her family, ask of you is to please support us in wanting the maximum penalty.  William can serve years in prison and still have a chance at a life.  She no longer has one and we as her family will forever have to live with this tragedy.  He made his choice so he should be held accountable for his actions.  We cannot understand how one human being can hit another and leave them there as if their life did not matter.  We ask you to think about this as if it happened to your family.  What would you think is justice?



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