Justice for teen victim of Surrey swarming attack being bullied

Justice for teen victim of Surrey swarming attack being bullied

May 11, 2022
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Started by Nikoo Asli

Vicious assault on a 15-year-old by other teenage girls 

The attack happened Saturday at around 9:30 p.m. outside Hillcrest Elementary School in Cloverdale.

In the video, several people are seen running after one teenager, as they screamed and swore at them.

The victim in the video is seen and can be heard crying throughout the 1.5-minute clip. The group throws the teen’s shoe, as the victim backs away. The group continues to advance, calling the victim names.


The online video shows that after the teen was punched and kicked, her attackers cornered her and made her kiss their boots.

The girl doesn’t understand why she was targeted, continues to be afraid to leave their home and won’t return to school this year.


Vancouver police are warning about a "concerning trend" of teens targeting their peers for "humiliating and demeaning bullying rituals" which are filmed and sometimes posted online.

These rituals typically include a group of teens surrounding a lone victim, then punching, kicking, and slapping them until they fall to the ground, before forcing them to kiss their attackers’ shoes," according to a statement.

These incidents don’t just cause physical harm, they can lead to deep-rooted emotional trauma that leave permanent scars,” 

When someone violates the boundaries of others, when abuse starts, the difference between a healthy human community and a dysfunctional or toxic situation is what happens next.

I don’t know the victim or her family but I feel for her.

The teenage girls clearly knew how to assault and bully and have to be responsible for their actions and should not get away because they are 16.

They need to be punished for their action to prevent similar scene again. They need to be stop now before they ruin someone else and also their own future.

We want Provincial Court of British Columbia put the stop to this.


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Signatures: 79Next Goal: 100
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