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Justice for Simran

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The Arlington County District Attorney's refusal to prosecute the four individuals who brutally confessed to beating and choking Singh to death is setting a harmful precedent for our future generation. The clear lack of justice displayed by the District Attorney as well as the ACPD has diminished the importance of accountability for one's own actions. We do not want a societal norm to be set that enables people to act with a clear disregard for human life and the law.


In the early morning hours of August 4th, 2007, Neena Singh received a phone call which every parent dreads, a call telling her that her 21 year old son, Simran Singh, had been beaten and strangled to death. On the night of August 3, 2007, Singh was dragged from an establishment in the District of Columbia; and after authorities ignored his plea for help, was forced into a vehicle against his will. In the vehicle, Singh was restrained and beaten by four assailants, and placed in chokehold by the driver, Henry Agbemble ( who had been drinking earlier that evening) until he started to spit blood and eventually died. Singh accumulated 37 bruises throughout his body, and several contusions to the head. The assailants; Henry Agbemble, Stephen King, Rebecca Hein, and Irene Sarahan were never charged for their direct involvement in Singh’s death. Making matters worse, the Singh family was harassed by the Arlington County Police Department and then District Attorney Richard Trodden with threats of imprisonment for constantly asking for answers as to why no charges were filed. All the Singh family wants is Justice for their son, and for those responsible parties to be held accountable for their actions.


After nearly five years of fighting, the Singh family accumulated a large amount of evidence through depositions and eyewitness statements. Under oath, the assailants confessed to being directly involved in the kidnapping, restraint, beatings, and asphyxia that directly caused Singh’s death. An independent autopsy by the well renowned Dr. Jonathan Arden (the primary medical examiner in the Chandra Levy case) classified Singh’s death as a homicide. These new findings have been presented to the new Arlington District Attorney, Theo Stamos. Stamos has yet to indict any of the four assailants for brutally slaying Singh in 2007. Please sign the petition to hold the four assailants accountable for their actions.




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