Justice for shay!

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Shay is a 5 (now 6) year old boy who has been bullied out of hes school by the head teacher mrs mary pike. Every day he was made to miss play time and lunch time, he was made to stand in the corner of a room. This is all because he had hair products in as he is mixed raced he needs it.




I have a recording of the head teacher mrs mary pike saying shay is not black enough to need hair products and if I continue to use them he will be punished. When i questioned this and explained it wasn’t him putting it in his head it was me the mother I was told as she cannot punish me she will continue to punish him. I have taken this to the local papers and to the police. I have gone to the school governors and i am in the process of going to ofsted. This lady should not be in this job role!