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2 girls with dreams and ambition is being faced with 7 years of something they didnt even start, why waste 7 years in jail when they can be in school making a better future and becoming somebody. Is that the message we send our children. They always say "i want you to become somebody", but always throw the innocent kids in jail. Why? Arent we the future? 

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Justice for shanice lormil and Nanyamka Mead
Shanice Lormil an 18 year old who was sentenced 7 years for a fight. No weapons Were Involved and the worst part she didnt even start the fight, the girl who did only received a one year probation punishment. Shanice is a very smart, wonderful, and beautiful person. She has been accepted to many colleges, with all her congratulation letters received she decided to attend school upstate and was going to depart from her family in January of 2013 to pursue her education in law. Shanice loves her family , her friends and Is also there for those that needs her help. She also enjoys doing make-up, hair and loves to have fun just like a regular teenager. This young lady who is viewed as a very driven young person Who had never been in trouble before now lost all her freedom and dreams. Shanice is my older cousin and i always come to her for advice and help with what ever i was dealing with, she always was there for me and her other cousins. Shanice is a very fun , and a loving person So i can't sit and not try my best to get the world to hear her story. i cant find myself to not wanting to help because If the roles were turn she would of done same for me. Shanice has so many dreams and she can be anything in the world , i belive in her and so does her family and friends. Shanice was sentenced to 7 years in prison becuase of this fight. Now I researched and in the ginted vs fergison case , fergison was sentenced 2 years for fighting and stabbing a woman. Shanice was sentenced 7 years for fighting. Does this add up? why should she serve 7 years in jail for something she did not start ? Why is there people who has been faced with gun charges have less than 7 years ? is this fair ? is it because she is black ? why werent the witnesses allowed to say anything? why werent I allowed to say anything? why was the judge just sitting there and judging her? you dont even know her , you dont even understand her, they are not even trying to listen to her. where is her rights? where is her honor? what is america trying to do ? Is this how we treat a Teenage girl? Why was the person who started the fight only received one year Probation? All of this just seems wrong to me and i ask that you show America and the court that this is wrong and they should appeal giving her a second chance to achieve her dreams. Why is this so importnat you ask? think about her mother who have raised her, her grandmaother who has been there from day one , her christian family and her friends. Doesnt shanice have a right to tell her story? Does'nt she deserve a second chance please sign this and show america shanice needs to be free. The more time we take the more time she sits in the jail. God bless you.

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