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Justice for SGT Ryan McNeal Green

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I believe my brother, SGT Ryan McNeal Green, death needs to be further investigated. He did not wake up on April 2, 2011. My brother stayed at the armory at his job a few hours away. His wife lived with her grandmother. The night he died, he was at his wife's grandmother's house. Her grandmother left April 1 to catch a plane a few hours away. That was their first night alone together, the same night my brother never wakes up. People told me that they got in a huge fight the night before he died. She gave the 911 operator the wrong address (she has lived there her whole life). Then when they finally find her house, she does not answer the door. The day he died she told two people "I have to move on one day". She also said the day he died twice, "This is just like what happens in Army Wives". He died on a Saturday. Sunday she was seen shopping. The Monday after he died, she made an appointment to get a massage. As we were leaving the funeral home, planning the funeral, on Wednesday she said "I have an appointment to go get a massage to get some of this stress of me" then she laughed. Before the funeral, she went and got a manicure & pedicure. Since his death, she has bought a brand new house, new car & lives with a new boyfriend. If they divorced, she would have got nothing. I admit that my brother did have a problem with pills. We tried to tell his wife he had a problem & she KNEW he did. (VERY STRONG evidence supports this). She claimed he didn't that his family was crazy. The autopsy report shows accidental overdose, but what is ON that report is what makes his friends & family believe it should be investigated further. It would be easier to say, oh he died of an overdose. Lets have closure. Do you think I want to relive this every single day? Do you think I want to see my other brother or parents relive this every single day? Its horrible. Its like April 2, 2011, all over, every day. BUT I have no doubt in my mind how my brother died & I am by far NOT the only one. We want it further investigated. My brother, SGT Ryan McNeal Green, fought for us, as he is a 2-time Iraqi War Veteran. Let's fight for him! I will NOT give up. We want justice, truth and answers on what really happened. We have so much more evidence that I cannot list because I want to make sure it can be used in court. The police need to bring in his wife & question her along with other people. If you go to the Facebook link I have added, you will see his wife's Facebook postings & other stuff to help you get a better idea of why we feel the way we do.  Please join us & spread the word at


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