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Justice for Serenity Jade Bergey Original Petition

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Serenity was murdered by her mother. Serenity's mother duct taped a toddler bed on a crib and caged her up for hours. Renni stuck her head through a slit in the crib trying to get free and suffocated on her own vomit. Serenity's mother did it so he could smoke her pain pills and not be bothered. Serenity's mother then sued Walmart and Simplicity cribs and took a $250k settlement. The money was gone in 4 months due to her drug abuse. I contacted attorneys for both Walmart and Simplicity and they said it was easier to just give the money as they didn't want any more publicity. The lead detective Alison Farrington with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office told me that they had to wear hazmat suits to enter the house to investigate her death because the house was so disgusting and there was a 2 ft lizard running free. Constance admitted to drug use in the house. The paramedics report said that Renni was mottled and rigor mortis had begun to set in, which takes 6-8 hours after death occurs to start. Constance told police he put Renni to bed at 8pm and found her at 8:30pm. Constance also told police she fed Serenity pork chops and Mac n cheese. Only milk was found in Renni's stomach contents. She also said she gave Renni a bath yet the medical examiner said she hadn't been bathed in days. In 2008 the DA office refused to pick up the charges of aggravated manslaughter and Serenity's mother has been left to walk free and get away with murder. Serenity deserves justice! RIP Shortcake!

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