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Justice for Serena McKay - Arrest Cal Fontaine !

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We ask you, the public, to sign this petition, addressed to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, for the immediate arrest of Cal Fontaine for his participation in and murder of Serena McKay.

On April 22-23 2017, Cal Fontaine participated in the murder, robbery, and abuse of the earth body after the murder, and coverup of Canadian Peguis First Nation Teenager, Serena McKay. 

Cal Fontaine is an accomplice and accessory to the murder of Serena McKay and wanted by the public for his participation in the death of Serena McKay. The public is petitioning for an arrest of Cal Fontaine, an 18 year old Sagkeeng First Nation man, who robbed and abused Serena McKay after her death after participating in her brutal murder. 

An accessory to murder is 1) one who has committed a felony 2) after the person has committed a felony 3) with the knowledge that the person committed the felony 4) with the intent to help the person avoid a felony or arrest. An accomplice is a person who actively participated in the commission of a crime. Cal Fontaine is an accomplice and accessory after the fact. 

On April 22, 2017 Serena McKay was invited to a house party on the Sagkeeng First Nation Territory. By 1 A.M April 23, Serena McKay was beaten, stripped naked and robbed, and ultimately murdered by the people, including Cal Fontaine, who were in attendance at the house party. They recorded themselves killing Serena McKay and shared it on Facebook, where it spread to the public web and was shared hundreds of thousands of times, before the arrest of only the two girls of at least several other people who also participated in the beating murder of Serena McKay. 

Serena McKay was terrorized, beaten, hit with wooden boards, kicked, stomped, and held against her will that night. 

In the videos released by the murderers and accomplices you clearly see Cal Fontaine's shoe and hear his voice. While two other people were beating Serena McKay and telling her they are going to kill her, Cal Fontaine and other males are heard in the video saying "she's dead just don't touch her anymore". Cal Fontaine has in possesion right now Serena McKay's jewelry that he took off her body after he stripped her naked to make the crime look like a rape. Cal Fontaine's family has admitted he was there and he has Serena McKay's belongings, as well as planned to make the crime look like a rape, because the neighbors were known criminals and hoped police would think they committed the crime. Cal Fontaine moved Serena McKay's body away from the home where the murder occured and took all her personal belongings including her IPhone, jewelry, and Gucci purse before stripping her naked and leaving her outside for 21 hours before Serena McKay was found by an elder who called the police. Cal Fontaine committed indignity to a corpse, this is an indictible offense. 


Cal Fontaine is still a free man.

No charges for all he has done to take Serena's life. 


We ask you to please sign this petition and help us bring Justice to the death of Serena McKay. 

Serena McKay deserves Justice. Serena McKay's family deserves the truth and Justice. 


Serena McKay was a month away from her high school graduation. She planned on buying her first car and planned to travel Canada and looked forward to starting her early adult life. 

Serena McKay is one of thousands First Nations young women that go missing and murdered. And like so many, go unsolved or without Justice. 

Please sign this petition and help us arrest Cal Fontaine and bring Justice to Serena McKay and all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. 


By signing this petition you are asking Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Investigators, and Chief Derrick Henderson of Sagkeeng First Nation Tribe, to fully investigate the crimes against Serena McKay committed by Cal Fontaine and arrest him for the murderous criminal acts committed against Serena McKay on the night of April 22 and 23 2017. 


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