Justice for Ryan Scott Livengood and Investigation Into KSP Corruption

Justice for Ryan Scott Livengood and Investigation Into KSP Corruption

July 9, 2022
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Started by Ritchie Livengood

My brother was shot and killed on Memorial Day weekend, 29 May 2018.  He left his house to meet his ex girlfriend to discuss a wreck he had that she thought her daughter was in as well.  While he was talking to her, her new girlfriend walked up and shot him in the chest,  her cousin got out of the car and opened fire on my brother.

I was deployed at the time,  and was unaware of his passing until three weeks after his death. I've waited four years to get involved in this case because I wanted facts about the case,  what evidence had been found and what actions were taken and not solely relying on rumors.   

The detective in this case stated all evidence in my brothers case had been destroyed and recommended it be closed in January 2019.  There is a gun in evidence that has held this case up from being closed and released to the family.  This gun as stated in the report was found on the side of the road and had no connection to my brothers case yet was still placed into evidence and has held the case open preventing us from receiving the open records,  which I believe was done intentionally to run out the statute of limitation for the Livengood family to pursue legal action against the detective. 

There is testimony that the person who shot my brother was high on Xanax and she had purchased the pistol illegally.  She is also a prior juvenile delinquent and was most likely carrying that concealed weapon illegally.  She's a well known drug dealer and user of same drugs. The cousin was a current juvenile delinquent who was out past his legally mandated curfew.  

My brother was the only person at the scene who was legally allowed to conceal carry, and although he did have a gun in the vehicle, his ex girlfriend claimed my brother was pointing the gun at her.  The new girlfriend said that she shot my brother because he shot at her, yet there was only one 9mm round found at the scene. They ran forensics comparing it to my brother gun and it came back negative.  Meaning there is no evidence my brother shot his pistol at all.

After they shot my brother they fled the scene and disposed of the guns, and then tried to act like they weren’t even at the scene.  Coming up with excuse after excuse like, he shot himself,  it was a drive by shooting, someone else shot him before finally admitting she shot my brother.

The detective questioning her was leading the witnesses by saying phrases like,  if you're friend was in danger you'd want to protect her wouldn't,  you did this to protect your friend didn't you.  It was only after these lines of questioning that she went along with him,  and claimed it was self defense and they ran with it.  Evidence be damned in this case.

There are two things that I believe are absolutely important.  One, is that the detective told a prosecutor that my brother shot first via e-mail.  Which I do believe this is an indication of perjury to the grand jury, since the sole 9mm round found at the scene did not match up to my brothers gun. 

The detective presented this case to the grand jury on 1 August 2018,  and in October of that same year is when the prosecutor told my father he talked to the detective and doubts a conviction could happen since my brother had a gun at the scene and fired said gun just before being shot. Yet, only one round was found that was of the same caliber of his gun, and was not fired from his gun.

He completely believed their story even though there wasn’t a single shred of proof that my brother even shot at all, and also no proof that my brother pointed a gun at anyone.  This means that anyone who conceals carry can be shot to death and they can just claim he was pointing a gun at them.  

Second part is they claimed when my brother got shot he fell straight back and perished.  In the Front seat there appears to a bullet hole that matches up to the bullet path going through my brother if he was seated in the vehicle.  There is also a pool of blood in the seat, blood on the molding around the seat, and also blood on the door jamb.  This absolutely appears that my brother was shot as he sat in the vehicle and fell out of the seat. In the report their was no explanation for this at all. They didn’t even examine the Jeep.  It’s as if they had no care or concern about evidence and completely wrote the report to fit the story they were told.

A video of the events exists.  I have requested this video from open records on multiple occasions.  I still have yet to receive this video.  I've heard excuses from KSP as to why we haven't received it.  First excuse is there is no video, even though detective stated in case there was one and he attached it.  After three days of searching they found it.  Second excuse is we cant open it so we're going to send it off to see if it can be opened.  Third excuse, we cant find it.  Fourth excuse,  it wasn't actually a video but just a picture.  This is a clear indication of mishandling of evidence and needs to be answered for.  If they cant open it at KSP, then there is no way this evidence was presented to the grand jury.

The two suspects who shot at Ryan Livengood attempted to use, and most likely succeeded in using their Uncles status as an Active Kentucky State Trooper (at the time) to influence the case. His immediate family is constantly in and out of jail.  He is now a jailer at one of the detention centers that his family frequents.

a brief article can be found at https://www.caseynews.net/content/search-livengood-homicide-evidence-nets-marijuana

We've started a gofundme https://gofund.me/a09482a1 to hire a private investigator to do what the cops refused to do and that is do an investigation that actually examines evidence and finds out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  This is what we’ve been asking KSP to do yet they’ve refused to do it.  

I’ve pointed out not only these complaints but many more about the investigation to the detective’s Sargent and the post Captain and they did not investigate any of my complaints nor would they look at any of the evidence we had to prove it was actually murder and not self defense.  

A re-investigation needs to happen into my brothers death, one that examines evidence.  Secondly we urge for a Federal investigation into KSP Post 7.  I have made my complaints well known to post 7 yet we are no closer to getting answers than we were four years ago.  We have been blocked every single step of the way.  



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