Justice for Professor Stephanie Montano at Adelphi University

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This letter is an effort on behalf of current and past students of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Master’s Program at Adelphi University to advocate for a highly regarded faculty member, Professor Stephanie Montano. Professor Montano’s character, intelligence, and administrative capability was challenged without any just and valid claims. Professor Montano has been a professor at Adelphi for fifteen years. Although the simple word “professor” couldn’t encompass her true role at Adelphi. Stephanie Montano is the most tolerant and selfless employee Adelphi had. During our educational career, she was one of the only educators available to the students who was a true advocate for us. Class time was spent discussing past, present, and future ways to encourage the field of Speech Language Pathology. From explaining language development to implementing diagnostic techniques, Professor Montano guided and supported our educational growth. She will not only be a loss to Adelphi’s faculty, but an even more significant loss to current and future students of the program.

 As an externship coordinator, Professor Montano took the time to evaluate our individual skills and determine our interests before contacting one of her numerous placements. If any student would disagree, perhaps they were not living up to their student expectations. We can say with the utmost confidence that Professor Montano would set up several interviews and options upon request in a timely and professional manner. Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with Professor Montano in a professional capacity, knows that she is dedicated and ensures that all of her students meet the educational and clinical standards set forth by the externship and student agreements. There is a certain standard that all students must meet at a externship placement, as per the ASHA guidelines. Professor Montano did not only guide our path, she paved our path. If we were unsure what our passion was, she found the spark and allowed us to experience it in a professional capacity.

Her outreach went further than just our educational career at Adelphi University. She made sure to guide us through the employment process as well and ensure that we received the jobs we truly desired. She aided in resume writing, interviewing, and beginning our professional careers as clinical fellows. During seminars, she tried her best to invite speakers that can help us transition into our professional careers. Many students even ended up taking positions with the professionals that she invited to seminars. Professor Montano went above and beyond her title and role at Adelphi University to ensure that all her students’ educational and professional needs were met with the utmost care and compassion. She had an “open door” policy and never turned away any students, regardless of the amount of work she had. There was no such thing as “designated office hours” or “too busy” for Professor Montano. Professor Montano does not see sex, race, religion, and sexual orientation, but rather she sees a student in need and how she can be of service to them in their time of disparity. She was always culturally sensitive and never have we felt any discrimination on her end. Adelphi has students of all backgrounds and that was never something Professor Montano focused on. She made herself readily available to us at our darkest and most worrisome times, whether it was stressing about the comprehensive exam or needing guidance administering a fluency test. For all that she has done for us, the least we can do is clear her name of the wrongful accusations that she is unjustly facing.

We are shocked that administration would ever remove such a loving, dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate professor. Professor Montano made Adelphi our second “home” and without her the entire dynamic of the program is hindered. It is unfortunate that future Adelphi students will not experience the plethora of knowledge and expertise that Professor Montano embodies. She is a true master of her craft and an inspiration to all her students. We bring this professor to your attention because it is a gross injustice to sully a fifteen year outstanding reputation.

Shame on you, Adelphi University!

We call on President Riordan and Office of the Provost to further investigate the limited and misleading slander directed towards Professor Stephanie Montano. We want to know how an outstanding professor can be terminated from her position mid-semester, leaving current students in the dark and future students fearful of ASHA compliance.

If you would like to stand in support of Professor Montano, please sign the petition and shed light on this unfortunate situation.


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