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Justice for People of Pipe Line

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MCGM have crossed all limits and since last one month (October 2017, First week) more than 3000 Homes demolished which are in every day news.(Addition to this, more than 3000 houses demolished since last 2 years leaving people to stay on streets for more than two months with their family kids & parents, as many were not agree to go to the proposed rehabilitation place which is undervalued, unsafe, unhealthy, hazardous and more than 12-30 km long from their present residential place in Mumbai).This is attack on our constitutional Rights "Bread & House".

3000 families with sr.citizen, women, kids, infants as well, are affected. Several sensitive issues being ignored by authorities. In entire Mumbai more than 50 schools with more than 50000 children are affected due to this demolition drive, apart from many students who are in colleges. Academic year of all such students are disturbed. Many of students could not appear in exams. Employment, Health and so many sensitive issues are ignored.

The justice in India has become nightmare for poors. The criminals, corrupts and rapists are left due to weakness in system where as Victimized innocent people don't get justice even after death. Today for us it's difficult to believe that we are staying in Independent India.

Request you all to intervene in this to stop tears and pain of more than 50000 people including children, sr citizens and many patients who may die during this entire process, apart from those who already died.


Basic Reason behind this Demolition:

1.      A PIL (140/2006) by “Janhit Manch” submitted for theft, Contamination & safety of water pipelines in Mumbai in 2006. 15,789 families (More than 50000 Peoples including Sr. Citizen Children, women & Students etc.)  were affected as per MCGM’s Notice & decision.

2.      Theft: Mumbai’s Water Supply-3750 MLD

Reported Leakage & Theft by Dept: 900 MLD

Total Affected Tenants in Mumbai After survey by MCGM: 15789

Eligible declared Candidates by MCGM: 8790 (Who have Legal Water connection, NO issue of water theft)

So Water theft could be by

15789-8790=6999 say 7000

7000 X 1000 Litres(water used daily)/Theft as per MCGM = 7 MLD

What about balance 900-7 =893 MLD

3.      Contamination-Due to high Pressure in Pipeline, physically Contamination is not possible(Accepted by MCGM, RTI Copy Available)

4.      Safety & Security:  Practically MCGM could not deploy huge security force/guards beside pipeline network of more than 150 kilometers across the Mumbai, but People beside pipeline play a role of daily security and protection to these pipelines and we are the first to inform MCGM in case of any water leakages in these pipelines. These People will be the first person to prevent any terrorist activity near pipeline. We are people near pipeline of Mumbai, residing since more than 20 to 70 years, acting as sentinel, the first informer about any damage, leakage etc. to MCGM helping entire mumbai and MCGM indirectly, in protection and uninterrupted water supply.

5.      Boundary wall with fencing , is the Solution Provided by MCGM & other Committee Members : Thousands of Kilometer borders are protected by Trained Military/Defence Soldiers, even though we have failed many times to stop terrorist infiltrations. So are we trying to depend on this 4-5 meters of fencing wall to stop terrorist activity from those who attacked taj, 1993 bomb blast and many more in India & Abroad.

Rehabilitation Place Proposed by MCGM:

Mahul a Burial Ground of alive Peoples:

(a)   Health: With major concern of Health about people due to contamination of water along pipe line, which is a less risk for safety in future with respect to contamination, as compared to serious health damage in presence of more than 10 hazardous chemical and petroleum industries around the mahul gaon residential premises. Living here would be heading towards death with slow poison.More than 50 people died and more than 300 severe health issues recorded since last two years at Mahul gaon Chembur.This region is categorized as CPA(Critically Polluted Area) and also known as "Gas Chamber" and this has been mentioned in Supreme Courts order/Judgement as well.(Copy of Same is Available)

(b)   We would like to request each authorities involved in this decision, to stay with mahul gaon residents just for 48 hours in nearby houses of M/s Sealord chemical factory and other hazardous industries nearby, and We guarantee that everyone will run away from that place within an hour. People keep their windows closed all the time, and the moment they open the window even just for 10 minutes the eyes becomes dark red and starts irritation. Sitting in Air-conditioned offices, making the reports, and taking decisions are very easier than facing the real problems which these peoples of mahul and nearby villages, are facing every hour, every day till now.

(c)     Since last 10-15 years many investigation for intensity of hazardous pollutants has been made and many results depicted the severe presence of Hazardous material which is very harmful to health of people. But even though now these Authorities are unnecessary continued many repeated Test programs with ill intention to prove this Project as safe zone, which we understand that the same is being done under some pressure.

(d)   Environmental pollution is one aspect but even if pollution level is less than the required limit (which is absolutely not the case here, and it's more than required limits here) does not become the criteria of permission of residential complex without considering the major concern of fire hazard and catastrophe due to presence of such industries, which needs to be studied.International standards are very clear in this phenomenon and residential construction are kept more than 1  to 5 kilometers away from such industries in different developed countries.

(e)    Safety & Security: Another major concern of PIL & High court is Safety and security with risk of terrorist attacks as taken in past. If the water pipelines are attacked by Terrorist there would not be a explosion or spread of fire, but of course it may result in unavailability of water for some duration till the pipeline are restored again or another alternative is provided. (The best solution for this already explained is underground water tunnel is already in progress in Mumbai and it's accepted by MCGM in RTI).

Where as if terrorists target the Mahul Industries (3 major Petrochemical industries BPCL, HPCL and IOCL apart from many other hazardous industries) where huge amount of hazardous and highly flammable Petroleum products are stored in approx 200 tanks with a approx volume of  20000,00000 litres (20000 Lakh Lires) and lacs of  cooking gas cylinders supplied everyday to mumbai, thane & navi Mumbai etc. Anyone in this world would not ignore this huge risk and danger due to these industries but it’s unfortunate for Poor Peoples as perhaps Indian Authorities do not have discernment.

Unfair Treatment with Poor:

(a)   Authorities are reluctant to correct their mistakes but doing every effort in wrong direction to justify their mistakes, and in manipulating the digits and reports rather than understanding the ground reality, and actual existing problems which are being experienced by every family member from kids to sr. Citizen of Mahul Gaon which is real truth. There are many pregnant women, children's, Sr. Citizens and disable persons who needs extra care and attention, are helpless today. Many peoples have become jobless here and many children's are here without school.There is increase in new patients everyday and death of old patients continued slowly.

(b)   These 15789 affected families which belong to slum are poor and many are below poverty line are incapable financially as well as in intelligence to fight for their right, they don't understand this complex Law.

(c)    Every one of above including BPL category pay direct and indirect taxes via every purchase of household things and every transaction for their daily needs of family. These hard earned taxes convert to budget of Mumbai city, which are being used carelessly and with racial discrimination.

Ground Reality & Solution:

1.      People around pipeline are residing since more than 15-70 Years, but State Government, and MCGM or any other Government authority have not taken any effort to develop these Slums and make better habitation & infrastructure which we all deserve and it’s our right, as we are also among those who pay taxes for budget of Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. Our parents have spent their generation and earnings to make home in this area within city for us with huge effort and struggle. Transferring us to another undervalued location away from the main city will drag behind our life more than 50 years back and the resettlement will affect employment, education, medical and daily needs etc. severely to the people who have been associated with this place for past 50-70 years. It would be complete injustice and unfair to shift the residents of Pipeline People at a long distance away from there birthplace to any undervalued, hazardous & unsafe location.

2.      Right Solution: Underground water tunnel is the right solution for this Entire issue rose in PIL 140/2006, and is accepted through RTI by MCGM. Underground water tunnel was passed in MCGM budget 2006-07, even though MCGM misguided the High court and Entire people of Mumbai.

3.      As explained above the Main concern of PIL and High court does not serve the purpose, but despite of this if at all it is required to remove the legal structures then there is big question of need and process of displacing (Resettlement) the families in different cases which should have been taken for this project after Social Impact Analysis and other processes under “The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013”

4.      If at all it’s required to remove the structures, Redevelop these slums under suitable scheme there itself which would help to retain their shops, business, employment, hospitals and doctors, schools etc. with better town planning after acquiring the required land by MCGM. This would help to Resettle the Project Affected People (PAP) there itself, which would be fair justice to PAP as well as other residents without affecting the main Concern of PIL (140/2006).

5.Those who are already rehabilitated at Mahul Gaon, All of them shall be removed from that hell and rehabilitate at nearest location or with in 3 kilometers from their previous place of residence. There are PAP reserved land and many other reserved land in every ward, these reserved land could also be utilized to develop buildings for these People of Mahul gaon and other PAP as well. As their houses are demolished, so for immediate help they could be rehabilitated at vacant Buildings for PAP in nearby locations or authorities should ask their concern which would give them relief.

All of these people have been harassed, tortured and forced to lived pain full life till date, many of them are jobless, people died and many have patients as on date due to injustice, it can not be returned back to them at any cost.

But we demand to give one crore each to family in which they lost their family member after coming at Mahul.

For other families should be given 50 lacs each who have suffered a lot in this hell, which is worst than a "jail".

People who are still leaving on streets or leaving nearby locations on rent after demolition of their houses due to their job and education of children and not gone to Proposed rehabilitation place by MCGM, such people also be compensated for an amount of 50 lacs to bring their life back to normal situation apart from their  rehabilitation at nearby locations.

For those  people who are still in their homes and MCGM is trying to demolish their structures, all such activities should stop immediately and all such people must be compensated with min. 25 lacs , as they have given mental stress and every day threat by authorities by making their life miserable. These people must be rehabilitated at same place with suitable development plan or near by locations.


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