Justice for passout Students of Manav Bharti University

Justice for passout Students of Manav Bharti University

12 June 2022
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Started by Happy Malhotra

The Manav Bharti University hereinafter called as MBU is framed under serious charges of Mal-practice, mal-function and mal-administration.

The case was unveiled from an FIR dated 06.03.2020 being an FIR no. 27 of 2020 at Dharampur Police Station -(HP).

The then case was handed over to the SIT for the investigation and the SIT raided in MBU, confiscated all the records of the students. 

The SIT stated before media that MBU has awarded 5lacs fake degrees countrywide, but the according to the recent newses and reports the SIT has traced around 50 thousand fake degrees  only and  the said figure is also going down day by day. 

The investigation is still pending for the submission of the final chargesheet but due to the investigation, the original/ geniune's students career is affecting as the investigation has taken 2 years which is not completed yet. 

The genuine recent passout students has visited higher authorities, CM Office - HP, HPPERC, and courts in demand to get the degrees, provisional certificate and DMCs. 

No one is paying any heed in favour of the students to safeguard the career of the genuine students. 

The students also protested for their rights but no one responded in favour of them. 

This ongoing investigation has become obstacle for their right because whenever students visit MBU office they told that the entire records seized by the SIT for the investigation.


When the students visit SIT office the they told that the records are the very important part of the investigation, cant be realease without a court order.

We students are not against the investigation but they have to find some way to solve the problem of the genuine students. 

We students have also request before the SIT, Governor of the HP, and CMO of HP to appoint an office to verify the record of the genuine students. 

The Hon'ble Governor of HP had appointed the new chairman Mr. Atul Kaushik (Maj. Gen. Retrd) of Himachal Pradesh Private Education Regulatory Commission to verify the students record but the records of the MBU was never handed over to the Chairman (HPPERC).

We students also requested SIT to crystalize the delail sheet of the fake students which they have investigated as fake students. But no sheet was shared. 

By this petiton we students are only seeking appropriate and fast steps from the government and court. 

  1. We students are facing extreme time delay. 
  2. We are jobless as we have no docs to show thay we are graduate or diploma holder
  3. We students are saying if we are fake then the SIT should transparent it whereby we could sue the MBU for ruin the career and time of the innoccent students. 
  4. If we students are found any gulty then we are liable for the punishment. 
  5. We students are only demanding our rights. 

Sometimes we students think that we should not go more in life, we should quit as we have lost everything. We think there is no recovery stage becuse no one is paying any greed n fvour of the students. 

Ruling party and opposotion party are blaming eachother for the granting the permission to establish the university. 

Ruling party and opposition party are busy in the upcoming elections and again they are giving fake promises. 

We students hereby request you all with folded hand to support us specially we request youth amd youth's parents because only youth's parents can understand our problem. 


Thank you for your support


Your faithfully



Manav Bharti University








This petition made change with 235 supporters!

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